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Is The Bible Only Prohibiting Homosexual Behavior That Involves Forced Rape?

Matthew Vines is a popular speaker and author who has advocated the position that is not sinful for a Christian to be a practicing homosexual. He claims in his book, God, and the Gay Christian, as a tenet of his main thesis that the Bible teaches that the passages that seemingly teach that homosexuality is sinful are passages that are actually referring to those people who are rapists who have forced themselves upon others sexually. That is the illicit type of behavior that is condemned according to Vines. It is not forbidden, according to Vines, for two homosexuals to participate in a consensual, “loving” relationship as he would term it. Is Vines correct?

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Does A Homosexual Who Wants To Repent Who Was Involved In A Homosexual Marriage Need To Divorce?

Even though the SCOTUS ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States now considers homosexual "marriages" as legal as of June 2015, they are not recognized as true marriages in the eyes of God. God defined marriage as between one male and one female for life (Genesis 2:22-24) from the beginning of creation.

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Does Luke 17:34 Endorse Homosexual Behavior?

There are people who will make attempts to justify their own sinful behavior by using the Scriptures. Many people who practice homosexual behavior refuse to receive the love of the truth that they might be saved (2 Thessalonians 2:11,12). Instead of repenting of their wickedness (this is true also of many fornicators and adulterers), they would rather suppress the truth that can set them free from sin (Romans 1:18; John 8:31,32).

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