Supporting The Gospel of Christ

Who Are We, Officially?

Complying with the laws of the land, The Gospel of Christ, Inc., is a U.S.A. tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

The Gospel of Christ only requests donations from congregations and individual members of the churches of Christ.

Why Do We Need Support?

The Gospel of Christ not only broadcasts Bible-based lessons about Jesus Christ and the soul-saving message throughout the world on satellite, cable, and streaming platforms, we also provide FREE DVDs, Internet resources, a very active website and more.  We can only do this with the help of individuals and congregations of the Lord's church that desire to be evangelistic, missional, and just helping friends and family know more about the Savior Jesus Christ!

How Can I Help?

First off - We covet your prayers in our work!

Secondly - We would ask that you share The Gospel of Christ with your congregation, friends, and family.

Thirdly - We ask if you would consider a donation (one-time or monthly) in order to support this good work that reaches millions of people.

Donating online can help The Gospel of Christ purchase materials needed to produce high quality CDs and DVDs, fund Internet Streaming and TV broadcast expenses, help us cover shipping fees, and other overhead expenses that we incur in the process of this work.

We therefore thank you for your prayers and financial support.  Please share our website with your friends and family!

Legacy & Tribute Gifts

One of the wonderful ways that family and friends choose to support The Gospel of Christ is through legacy and tribute gifts.  These gifts are either planned by an individual of family to be given at one's death as a contribution to this work, or given in memory of a departed friend, family member, church member, or other acquaintenance.

Many funeral parlors will place a memorial card by contacting them directly, or you may contact The Gospel of Christ to give us the information as well.  The name of the person will be added to our online directory of tributes as well as in our monthly newsletter.

As acknowledgment, we will mail the family of the departed one a letter of gratitude for your contribution, as well as provide them an address in which a thank you may be given personally.  We also view this is another opportunity to put the message of Christ into the hands of the family of the departed loved one as they may not know about the program or the soul-saving message of the gospel.

We hope that you may consider legacy and tribute gifts as a way to memorialize and to further the efforts to take the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.  As a reminder, these contributions are also tax deductible and are mentioned as a gift in our newsletters.

In Honor Of...

Want to show your honor for a friend, church member, loved one, and so on?  Much like the Legacy & Tribute Gifts, you can also support us in honor of someone.  We will also include these names on our website and in our newsletter.

Use Amazon?  You can now help us by simply connecting to us on Amazon Smile.

We have provided multiple ways in which you may support TGOC. Through online giving, you may choose "General Support", or you can complete the form below to give a "Legacy & Tribute Gift" in memory or in honor of someone.  Please note that you must use the form for Legacy & Tribute Gifts in order to submit the name of the person being honored.

Enter information below for Legacy & Tribute or In Honor Of Gifts.  You will be redirected to the appropriate support page once you click "Continue"

**You Must Select One of These Options**
This name(s) will be published on our website and in our newsletter
We will send a letter of acknowledgment to the person or family of your choice. If you would also like to list the relationship of that person, we will gladly customize the letter.
This is provided in the acknowledgment letter that is mailed to the selected recipient above, as well as we will mail you an end of the year tax statement of our donations as per the IRS codes & guidelines If this is a general support donation you may also type "Anonymous," however, if you still would like to receive a tax letter, please complete all information.
We will not give out this information. We will only use it to contact you from our office if there is a problem with your submission

Is It Safe?

We are concerned about our supporters’ privacy and security, and that is why we have chosen trusted portals such as Subsplash to administer all online support.

Whether you choose a one-time donation or a monthly subscription donation, these portals will accommodate your requests with ease.

Offline Support

The Gospel of Christ

PO Box 788

McMinnville, TN 37111



Please be sure to include your name and address if you would like a receipt for tax purposes.  If you would like to place a memorial or in honor of donation, please also list the name you would like to place a donation.