Our Supporting Congregations

The Gospel of Christ would like to allow you an opportunity to find a congregation of the church in your area or an area that you may be visiting through this portal. The following list is not inclusive of all churches, and in consideration of the autonomy of congregations of the church, this is not an endorsement for any particular congregation outside of the relationship that we have with that congregation in their support efforts of The Gospel of Christ program.

Each congregation listed has granted permission for their information to be posted. Any information posted has been given to The Gospel of Christ for publication. Any errors or omissions are asked to be submitted to us at mail@thegospelofchrist.com. If you feel that the congregation that you attend should be listed and is not currently, please feel free to email us as well if you know that the congregation is a current supporter of the program.

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Please use caution when visiting external links from this page. The Gospel of Christ is not responsible for content beyond our own website and encourages each person to identify a congregation by the standards from the Bible when visiting or recommending.