An Evangelistic and missionary opportunity

Thank you for your interest in supporting The Gospel of Christ as a congregational work.  While we know that there are many great opportunities for the congregation to help support in not only mission work, but also in local work, The Gospel of Christ gives a vehicle of evangelistic effort not like many others.

Congregations of the Lord's church all over the United States, as well as some in foreign countries help support this effort in various ways.  Some congregations will establish a relationship with a local cable or radio provider and help with those finances needed.  Other assistance is given in order to help fund our various "technology" outreach programs such as the FREE DVD and CD program, as well as streaming apps and channels on devices such as AppleTV, Roku, amazon Fire, Android, etc.  Some even dedicate support directly to the website as this vehicle is such a wide-spreading reach that only costs pennies per contact.

How can your congregation help?

Besides these basics that are mentioned, here are some of the proposed upcoming works for The Gospel of Christ:


Local and Regional Cable Providers in Tennessee (potentially other areas as well)

Lectureship presence (PTP, FHU Lectures, Spiritual Sword Lectures)

SubSplash complete iOSTV, Android, iOS, Fire apps program for streaming and constant content 24/7

Roku TV app

New newsletter outreach

As you can also imagine, the costs of creating, printing, and shipping of our FREE media, as well as the administrative costs of the helpful staff that make up the team at The Gospel of Christ, there is a considerable amount of support needed in taking the WHOLE gospel to the WHOLE world.  We are humbled that you have considered helping in any manner that your congregation may be able to budget in the lines of evangelism - local and mission field.

For more information on how you can help The Gospel of Christ, including suggested amounts or specific needs, please contact us by phone at 855.458.3905 or by emailing us at  


Again, thank you so much for your desire to reach the lost with The Gospel of Christ.