Is Using More Than One Loaf Of Unleavened Bread For The Lord's Supper Sinful?


There are some students of the Bible who believe that a congregation is obligated to use only one loaf of unleavened bread for the Lord's Supper. They will use passages such as Matthew 26:26, Mark 14:22, 1 Corinthians 10:16,17; 11:23-24 to attempt to justify their position. They misunderstand the significance and meaning of this emblem.

In most congregations of the Lord's church, when it comes time to observe the Lord's Supper, there will be a plurality of loaves and most often simply a tray full of individual wafers for each Christian to partake. Which is correct - one loaf or many loaves? Both. Each congregation is to determine the course on which they believe is expedient for them.

The one loaf that was served at the Lord's Supper on the night of the Passover symbolizes the Lord's body. Since Jesus has one body that is composed of many congregations, then it is logical that the one bread represents the many loaves that are eaten by His one body, the church of Christ (Ephesians 1:22,23; 4:4). The body of Christ is composed of all the various congregations all across the world (Matthew 16:18; Romans 16:16). So each congregation is authorized to either have one loaf or many loaves for the Lord's Supper.

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