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Does The Lord's Supper Change Into Jesus Literal Body And Blood?

"Transubstantiation" is a doctrine which claims that the Lord's Supper actually changes into the literal body and blood of Jesus. Such a view is based on an erroneous understanding of the following statements of Jesus: "This is My body" and "This is My blood" and "Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life" (Mark 14:22-25; John 6:51-58).

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Is It Wrong To Refer To Religious Figures As “Father” According To Matthew 23:9?

The Roman Catholic denomination refers to their pope by the religious title of “father” (the word “pope” comes from the Greek word pappas, meaning “father”). This contradicts Matthew 23:9 which clearly condemns the use of the word “father” as a religious title.

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