Does A Homosexual Who Wants To Repent Who Was Involved In A Homosexual Marriage Need To Divorce?

Even though the SCOTUS ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States now considers homosexual "marriages" as legal as of June 2015, they are not recognized as true marriages in the eyes of God. God defined marriage as between one male and one female for life (Genesis 2:22-24) from the beginning of creation.

What if the situation arose in which a homosexual (who was living in a homosexual "marriage") saw that he or she was living in sin and wanted to become a Christian? What would he or she need to do in order to repent before baptism (Acts 2:38)?

A man or woman needs to show fruits that are worthy of repentance (Matthew 3:8). Even though technically God does not recognize their marriage as a true marriage, they would need to go to the courthouse and obtain a divorce to show that they are no longer a part of this "marital" relationship. They would want the world to know that they are against such immoral behavior (Matthew 19:1-12; 5:16; James 4:1-6; Acts 17:30).

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