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Pornography and Purity

We all know there is a sexual revolution occurring in our world. One cannot go out in public or even watch television without seeing some product being sold in the name of sex. Sexual images, sensual movements, and poorly-clade individuals are literally everywhere. The Internet is no exception. One may be looking at totally innocent information on a site and suddenly an illicit picture pops up. Young children receive cell phones (most of which have the Internet) at very early ages and they learn how to use them sometimes better than their parents! This means that children are going to be exposed to pornographic images increasingly at earlier ages. In fact, the average age that boys first encounter pornography on the Internet is 11 years old - and that number is falling ( ). Boys are not the only ones affected. The same source reported that more and more girls are increasingly viewing pornography. Some psychologists have suggested that children need to explore their sexuality and that viewing “soft porn” is not harmful to individuals. Unfortunately, many people have this mindset today. In this independent and subjective-truth-believing society, many will argue pornography can help in some situations (such as bring the passion back into a marriage); but God’s Word (objective truth) has something else to say on this topic (John 17:17). Let us explore some scriptural principles on this difficult-to-discuss subject and be honest with ourselves and with our God. The destiny of our souls depends on it!

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