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Modesty: A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

What does it mean to be a modest woman? Is modesty just based on cultural and personal preferences? Is there a standard for modesty set forth in God’s Word? These questions and many more alike have been circulating the hot topic issues for years. In a society that often values beauty and sexuality above all else, it is no wonder that we are bombarded with advertisements and commercials for face creams that “take years off”, “sexy” models showing off “skinny” jeans, and lingerie ads that are pornographic at the most. Our culture has led the mindset of many women to believe “if you got it flaunt it”. This attitude affects every aspect of a woman’s life, and it is this author’s opinion that this prideful and selfish thinking has led to an increase in abortions, females viewing pornography, and more women in the church overstepping their God-given role. The purpose of this article is not to state opinions however, but to recognize that we (as a culture and as Christians) have a problem with modesty. Let us have an open heart as we examine what God’s Word says about this subject and a willing mind to change our thinking to be that of our Lord’s.

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