Article - The United Church of Christ IS NOT THE SAME AS the church of Christ

The United Church of Christ (hereafter, “UCC”) was founded in 1957 as a result of consolidating four different denominations (namely, Congregational, Reformed, Christian and Evangelical Churches founded between the mid 1600s to the early 1800s). The church of Christ was founded on Pentecost Sunday after Jesus’ resurrection (around A.D. 30, Acts 2:42, 47) as a result of Jesus establishing only one undivided church (namely, His, Matthew 16:18). The UCC recognizes all baptisms (Catholic, Oneness Pentecostal, etc.), all modes of baptism (sprinkling, pouring or immersion) and all kinds of recipients of baptism (namely, infants and those old enough to understand and respond). The church of Christ defends the New Testament position that there is only one baptism (Ephesians 4:5), one mode of baptism (namely, burial, Colossians 2:12) and only one kind of recipient (namely, those old enough to understand and respond to Jesus’ commands in Mark 16:16; infants cannot believe in Jesus). The Massachusetts Conference of the UCC boasts that the UCC was the first (1) to ordain an American woman as minister (through it’s Congregational element in 1853), (2) to ordain an openly gay man as minister in 1972 and (3) to officiate over the legal unions of gay couples in 2004. The church of Christ defends the New Testament’s teaching that women are commanded not to be preachers (1 Corinthians 14:34-35; 1 Timothy 2:12) and the church is commanded to disfellowship members who do not repent of sexually immorality (which includes gay practices, Romans 1:26-32; 1 Corinthians 5:11-13).


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