Article - Repent And Be Baptized For The Remission Of Sins (Part 2)

Several years ago Richard Heatherly (Baptist “Pastor”) wrote several articles under the title “In What Sense Does Baptism Remit Sins?” in a sales paper out of Fayetteville, TN (read part 1). Instead of giving the common Baptist response - that baptism has absolutely nothing to do with salvation, Richard correctly states that Acts 2:38 “clearly relates baptism to the remission of sins” and that the scriptures addressing the topic of baptism show one “how to be forgiven.” However, when Richard further explains that the remission of sins obtained in Acts 2:38 is merely symbolic and ceremonial, he provides no proof and departs from the context of Acts 2:36-38. The Jews on the day of Pentecost wanted to know what THEY needed to DO to obtain LITERAL remission of sins. The two imperatives of Peter were: Repent and be baptized. The two imperatives Richard mentions in his articles: Repent and believe. Yet in another one of Richard’s articles he only mentions one imperative: “by faith in Christ’s atonement alone.” Peter said that both repentance and baptism were for the remission of sins. When I pointed this out to Richard in one of my articles, he said that such an observation was “a very shallow theology.” The order of Peter’s sermon was: 1) repent; 2) be baptized; 3) remission of sins. The order of Richard’s sermon is: 1) repent (and believe); 2) remission of sins; 3) be baptized. Those who gladly received Peter’s word were baptized (Acts 2:41). Those who gladly receive Richard’s word may or may not decide to be baptized, yet Richard finds it essential to wear the Baptist name. Whose sermon will you follow?


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