Article - How To Go To Hell In A Hurry

Have you ever met people in life who seemed like they were in a real hurry to go to Hell? You know the kind of people I’m talking about. These are the people who give no forethought to their actions. These people live for the moment. These people will believe anything any religious person tells them. These types of people, whether they realize it or not, are headed down the road to Hell in a real hurry. If a person wanted to go to Hell in a hurry, here are two things that would get him there.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Die! One of the quickest ways to destroy one’s soul is to live a life based on momentary pleasure. Esau is a prime example of this. In Genesis 25 Esau sold his birthright, the most important things he had, for a bowl of soup. Why? At that moment in time he let his physical need for food outweigh anything else. Today many people fall into the same sensual trap as Esau. For example, the teenager who will do anything for his next high is only living for the moment. The man who will sell his soul to the Devil for his next drink is head down a treacherous road. Parents who have to have every luxury of this world while their children are neglected are destroying their own souls and helping to destroy their children’s souls. If you really want to go to Hell in a hurry, just eat, drink and be merry! 
Believe everything you hear about God and Religion. The quickest way to make sure you go to Hell is to believe everything you are told about God and the Bible. I am appalled at the number of people who are told what to believe. Instead of being told what to believe, we should go to the Bible to see what we must believe (Acts 17:11). Many times I hear people say, “Well that’s what the pastor said.” In all kindness, it doesn’t matter what any person thinks we should believe about God and the Bible. The only person we must be concerned with pleasing is God. I can assure you, if you really want to go to Hell in a hurry just blindly believe everything you are told about religion. Before you know it you may be in South America sipping on a cyanide cocktail and offering your soul on the altar of religious deception.
Dear friend, I hope you will understand that I don’t want anyone to be lost and go to Hell. If you want to avoid the horrors of Hell you must live for eternity not for the moment. Jesus said nothing in the entire world is more important than your soul (Mark 8:36-37). If you want to be sure you are on the path to Heaven do what the Bible says, not what you heard someone else say (Colossians 3:17; John 12:48). May God help us to avoid a life that will lead to Hell in a hurry!

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