Being a Live Worker Bee! - From the field and around the world

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings so true with the caption photo of this article. If you did not see the picture, it is a very interesting picture of a “worker bee” dying. You and I have probably both seen this scene before. Maybe it was a bee that someone swatted, or maybe an insect spray took their last breath. Whatever the case, the worker bee is on its way to never working again.


Sometimes, it may seem that we find ourselves “dying” in our work for the Lord. Maybe it was someone that discouraged us. Maybe it was that your job or assigned task was completed and there just isn’t anything that you know to do further. It could be that an attitude has caused such to transpire….follow me through.

The “worker bee” has an incredible job to do. Notice this quote from a website about “worker bees.”

Worker bees are female but are not capable of reproducing. They do all the work in the hive, and they control most of what goes on inside. Their jobs include housekeeping, feeding the queen, drones and larvae, collecting the pollen and nectar, and making the wax. Because they work so hard, during the busy season worker bees live for only about six weeks.

You see, sometimes, we may feel like we may be doing an unappreciated share of the work, yet the “queen bee” is the one that gets much of the recognition. But, really and truly, is that the case? I personally don’t think so. I believe that without the work of these worker bees, the queen bee would not be able to even survive. The hive would not continue to grow and the colony of bees would simply become extinct!

Is that the way that some approach Christianity at times? Unfortunately, we may all fit into this category a time or two in our lives. We may not be the queen bee, but we can always be the worker bee. Now in no means am I referring to any man or woman that walks the earth today. I am however, referring to the work of Christians as it pertains to Christ and His bride. Many times, we allow our attitudes to affect the work that we do to grow the church, to teach others, to live out our faith in action and much more. We become a worker bee that just seems to want to die prematurely. The work will continue, even if that be the case, and the colony will survive long after the 6 weeks that most worker bees live during their busy season. So why don’t we want to do more as a worker bee?

Interesting thought isn’t it. Once again, there is a little more to the story though. We know that we must all be like worker bees according to the idea of scripture that can be found in Colossians chapter 3, but, also, remember that there is “another” role in the hive of the queen bee. The male bee. The male bee has to die in order for the colony to live once his work is finished. Sound a bit familiar to the life of One that came, lived, and died once His work on earth was finished? The good news is that He rose again and overcame that death and continues to reign on high! No death will overcome. No destruction to His church!

Let’s all be worker bees that are thriving and alive…and understand that our time on earth is short. Most times longer than 6 weeks, and most times we don’t actually work ourselves to death, but we do have a limited amount of time to do all that we can to serve God! What are you doing fellow worker bee?

From the Field

We are currently seeking Field Reps to serve with us to help grow the program and teach others through this work about Jesus and His gospel message. If you are a preacher that has some flexibility in scheduling at different meeting places, please reach out to for more information.

We are in full force of trying to get around to many congregations this summer. If your congregation has some open spots and we have someone in your area, we would love to visit with you. Just reach out to our office and let us know where you are located and we will see what we can do!

Around the World

You may notice that our statistics on mailed DVDs and CDs has been dwindling the past several months. That is actually a good thing! Part of the reason that it is decreasing is that we now offer every single one of our videos and audio recordings online for download! No more waiting on DVDs to arrive or having to have a brand new player in order to listen. Just download the zip and away you go!

Couple of things to note:

  1. We are excited to announce our Spanish project! Josue Castorena will be working with us to record an 8 lesson series in Spanish with lessons on the church and Salvation. Visit our website for more information at

  2. Full speed ahead! We have been enjoying our new broadcasting spots on Renew TV as well as the CW network in Nashville. We are constantly looking at other venues as we are able to acquire support for them.

  3. Redesigns are coming! After several years, we are redesigning our labels on DVDs and CDs! Just keep in mind that it will take quite a while to see these all around; however, know that the content has not changed, just the appearance! We hope you like the redesign!

We are off to another great month at TGOC and we thank you for your encouragement and prayers!

Until June…

In His Service,

Joey Ferrell

Joey Ferrell