What is a Field Rep and why are you here?

Field Rep Program

Oftentimes, when we reach out to a congregation or even when we are working with our existing relationships, the question comes up “what is a field rep?” Sometimes, we may get a bit assumptive in thinking that everyone already knows what this means…when in reality, many may not.

Allow me to give a simple explanation. Our Field Reps are seasoned gospel preachers that have a desire to spread the gospel message with others. Sometimes these preachers have retired from regular pulpit duties, or maybe they work a full-time job outside of ministering and do not get the opportunity to do what they love and feel a calling for - preaching the gospel! Our field reps are “vetted” by the overseeing eldership to maintain the wholesomeness of the teaching of the Gospel, as well as for representing The Gospel of Christ.

While our Field Reps are at a congregation, they serve under the direction of the eldership of the overseeing congregation of The Gospel of Christ, but also are there to serve the congregation in the manner as outlined in God’s word as an evangelist, preaching and teaching God’s word. Typically, the congregation will allow us to give a presentation outside of the worship service, for example, a scheduled assembly for Bible study - and we certainly stay well in tune with the Bible during this presentation, or maybe a few minutes after the conclusion of services, etc. Our desire is to educate as many people as we possibly can about the great evangelistic work of The Gospel of Christ program, and of course, we allow the congregation and her leadership an opportunity to ask us questions and discuss the financial elements in which we operate.

“Oh…,” someone may say, “I figured the field reps were there to raise money.” Actually, we reserve discussing contributions and support for the very last couple of minutes of the presentation, or sometimes reserve those discussions to a meeting with the church leadership. So, when you may hear that a field rep is requesting to visit or you see one of our names as a “guest speaker” on the agenda, please do not feel like that we are coming to simply ask for money. The Gospel of Christ has grown into a substantially large program now and many times we find that even the leadership of congregations in our local area are not aware of all of the resources and ways to use the tools that we provide for free! That is the biggest goal of the Field Rep program - to educate others in ways to bring the Gospel to more and more to the Gospel!

With that said, we would love to come and see you if we are able! While we do not have reps in every area of the country, we do have many opportunities to do visits. Would you consider inviting a Field Rep to come and visit? If so, we would love to hear from you! You may email Joey at joey@thegospelofchrist.com or call our office and we will be happy to see what we can possibly get arranged!

Electronic Media Ministry

The Gospel of Christ program began as a way to reach others with the message of the Gospel of Christ. No doubt since 1996 the methodology has certainly changed. Can you imagine if we were attempting to do this in the “cassette” age? Even the age of Compact Discs has almost expired. We see that in our FREE media request statistics daily. More and more people are seeking the “right now” way to listen and view content…and boy do we love that method! Think about it like this…even though we process our Media Requests extremely fast, sometimes mailing or other delays are unavoidable and it may take days, or sometimes weeks to receive the media requested. Not any longer! Every single one of our lessons are available right now on podcasts, apps, Vimeo, YouTube, Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, web portal, Facebook Video, and other ways. It is so easy to find a lesson to watch, listen, or read a transcript…and as we have seen in the past, even have a quick resource for a Bible study with someone you just met!

Times are always changing. Technology is always improving. New ways to reach the world are evolving what seems like daily. We strive to keep up with the latest technology and platforms, and hope you find these ways very beneficial. We are always open to suggestions for improvement and welcome your comments.

*******Broadcasting update********

We were informed that as of January 31, 2019, the AngelOne network on Dish Network is dissolving. This means that we will be seeking new platforms to broadcast on Dish Network globally. We have enjoyed the relationship with AngelOne and apologize for any inconvenience for our viewers that have Dish Network that may not be able to watch through that medium for a short while. We would like to encourage you to seek us on all streaming devices and other ways to watch. If you need help finding a new platform, or where you can find us on other broadcast arenas, please contact us or visit our website under “Broadcasts” for local times and channels.

As always, our prayers of thanksgiving for you and your families and as this is the first newsletter of 2019, please accept our hopes for many blessings for your New Year!


Field Rep Coordinator/Evangelist
Electronic Media Minister

Joey Ferrell