When the weather outside is frightful....what a great time to share the Gospel!

Field Rep Program

As I drove in to the office at TGOC this morning, I saw our third or fourth showing of some of that frozen precipitation falling on the windshield. Now, as you may know, the offices of The Gospel of Christ are in McMinnville, Tennessee, so some of you are probably saying, “he doesn’t even know what snow is!” And to an extent you are right! We don’t get a lot of bad snow storms and ice here that last or are in comparison to some in the northern parts of the United States, or some other countries. Then again, some of our readers may say, “what’s snow?” Our reach is global, so it is a possibility!

What does that have to do with this month’s newsletter? Not much really, except for a plea of sorts that you will see in the Electronic Media Ministry side more than the field rep program. Sometimes, the colder weather, and possibility of hazardous driving prohibits our field reps from scheduling visits during these months. We would love to see you and meet with your congregation, but during this time of the year, combined with holiday schedules, we find ourselves a little challenged.

How can you help? Contact us to schedule a field rep visit! We have field reps in multiple areas that need to be meeting with congregations and sharing this great program with others. We love to do just that. We would like to invite and encourage you to discuss the possibility of a field rep visit with us. How? You can simply email me at joey@thegospelofchrist.com and if we have an availability, we would be more than delighted to get one scheduled! Warmer climates welcomed as well!!!

If you want to more about our field reps, visit www.thegospelofchrist.com and click on Staff under the About Us tab.

Electronic Media Ministry

Here it is…I introduced it already, and I know you have been excited to find out what the title means! Well, it’s simple really…

Sometimes, when the weather is frigid, or driving is hazardous, some may be looking for something to do while at home or while they are out of school, work, or just taking a break from the hustle of the season. What better time for you and I to share such a great message as The Gospel of Christ!

You may have noticed in our statistics that our web and social media stats are “off” from previous months. That is due in part to some of the functions of these avenues. For example, Facebook video has now injected advertisements into anyone’s videos if their page does not have at least 10,000 likes. Booooo on Facebook for picking on people that aren’t paying lots of money for advertising! Not much is different on some of the other sites. Search engines populate with timed advertisements and sponsored links of shopping and events during this time of the year. So, in reality, we understand this drop in statistics and are not really alarmed by them; however, the tools are in place that can make it so much easier to share our program with thousands of people around the world. Think about how significant this resource can be. We have shared recent stories of baptisms and restorations from people that were given a link to www.thegospelofchrist.com or they watched a video on our apps (http://TGOC.app). Some may have even used the neat little tools on our website that allow you to share, email, print, copy, text, and so on right from your browser.

Who will be reached with the Gospel next? Will it be your son or daughter? Maybe your mom or dad, sister or brother. Maybe you need some encouragement yourself. We want to be able to help you in any way possible in spreading the Soul-Saving Message of Jesus Christ with all of the world! And, we thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of that effort!

Until next month…may God bless you in your efforts and please continue to pray that we can reach many souls!


Field Rep Coordinator/Evangelist
Electronic Media Minister

Joey Ferrell