Fall has arrived - that means a busy time for our Field Reps!

Field Rep Program

Now that summer events are winding down, area gospel meetings and revivals have mostly finished, and many congregations are making plans for the rest of the year, exciting times happen for our Field Rep program as it starts to get very busy!

We try our very best to schedule our visits with any and every congregation that we can, and sometimes that can be a bit hectic in finding the best time. We appreciate all that reach out to us and allow us to visit with you.

This month, we would like to highlight one of our field reps. We would like to introduce you to Jimmy Pitchford from Ennis, Texas. You can find more information about him after this article. We are very happy to have Jimmy working with us to bring The Gospel of Christ program to your area.

To discuss a field rep visit, email Joey@TheGospelOfChrist.com with your information, or simply fill out a form on our website under the contact us tab.

Electronic Media Ministry

Please allow me to begin with a little bit of a story. I personally began working with The Gospel of Christ officially on August 1, 2017. With that said, my background is in business management for many years, as well as bi-vocational ministry for over 9 years now as well. What does that have to do with TGOC, the Electronic Media Ministry, and the Field Rep Program? Well, I enjoy working within the electronics world. At an early age, I learned to love computers and self-taught many different programming languages that are now all but archaic! That is okay though, because my love for being able to plug this in and make that work, or draw this picture with a mouse and create this new webpage is what drives me and motivates me each day.

This role seemed to be an absolute perfect fit for my goals and desires, so I pursued the opportunity with The Gospel of Christ team to see if we could find a fit. “Take a look at the website and see what you think we could do with it,” replied one of the elders. “Can you help us grow our social media presence,” asked another elder (after we talked about how significant social media has become in marketing products and services). “We would like to be able to enhance the overall package of presence online,” was the general consensus of the meeting.

Excitingly, my answer was “yes, I can do these things!” Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, I was whispering….”did I really just see that the website has about 3,000 or more pages on it?? Is our Facebook page really that difficult to find? What do you mean that the newsletter is being blocked by certain servers!!” The task was set at hand, and it continues to be paved with new avenues almost daily. New ways to reach the television market, new social media sites, new algorithms on search engines and other analytical nightmares come and go, but we press on…why? That one soul. Yes, you read it right. Even if we only reach ONE soul that is lost and we are able to help them see the soul-saving message of the gospel, it is worth all that we can do!

We have each of you to thank for this. You have helped us with feedback, with sharing our site with others, by clicking “like” and posting for us to social media and so much more. Souls are being saved through your clicks and forwards, through your words and help! And there is a soul somewhere that is so very thankful that you did just that! Thank you for helping us and please continue to do just that!

Until next month…may God bless you in your efforts and please continue to pray that we can reach many souls!


Field Rep Coordinator/Evangelist
Electronic Media Minister

Joey Ferrell