Were Dinosaurs On Noah's Ark?


  1. God created dinosaurs along with man who was made in His image on days five and six of creation (Genesis 1:20-27). God commanded Noah to bring every type of clean and unclean animal in the ark, which would have included dinosaurs (Genesis 7:1-5).
  2. The events of Job most likely took place after the global flood (Job 22:16). God showed Job two creatures whose descriptions match that of dinosaurs, namely, the Behemoth and Leviathan (Job 40,41). Therefore, not all of the dinosaurs were swept away by the flood. There are, however, many dinosaur fossils who died in a great catastrophe because fossilization must occur under very special conditions. The global flood of Noah fits the geologic interpretation of evidence for catastrophism.
  3. We are not told the size or maturity of the dinosaurs. So it can be deduced that most likely God had Noah bring adolescent dinosaurs instead of adult-size dinosaurs, which normally grew to be about the size of sheep.



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