Was The Ability of One To Work Miracles Dependent On The Faith Of The Recipient?


There are many denominations who will make the claim that if a person is not healed miraculously from some terminal illness, he/she is at fault because he/she did not have enough faith. This is fallacious reasoning.

There is an example in the Scriptures where a miracle was performed on the recipient who did not have faith.

The lame man who had been lame at the Beautiful Gate by the temple was a man who did not have faith in the miracle that Peter was about to perform (Acts 3:1-10). In Acts 3:5, he thought he was going to receive something like food or money - not miraculous healing. The ability of one to work a miracle is not dependent on the faith of the recipient. Were those who were miraculously raised from the dead raised because of their faith (Matthew 10:8; John 11; John 12:1)? There is even an incident where the healing was prompted by the faith of others instead of the recipient (Mark 2:3-12).



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