Field Representative

Thank you for your interest in the Field Representative program for The Gospel of Christ.

Our Field Reps are a huge part of the success of the program and reaching many souls with the gospel message. This position is ideal for those who are seeking to preach God’s truth but do not have the opportunity of being a fully-supported evangelist either for location, secular employment requirements, retired, or otherwise able or have a desire to preach on occasion without having other responsibilities of ministry tasks that may not be able to be fulfilled in a normal process.

With this said, the position is of utmost significance and truly IS a ministry position in its own way. Think of it like this…we are seeking to serve a mission field in an evangelistic way. Our field reps are responsible for seeking out and scheduling opportunities with faithful congregations of the Lord’s church in order to give a presentation or update on our work in the best suitable application (typically a time selected for Bible study normally, or evening/mid-week gathering). The goal of the Field rep is to introduce the program fully to the congregation, while asking the leadership and individuals alike to consider supporting the work now and in the future.

In an ideal setting, the Field Rep will also be tasked with preaching for the congregation on the day of the visit, or as appropriate to offer a devotional and/or invitation during a time slot purposed for presentation. It is expected that the Field Rep present themselves in a very professional manner and uphold sound doctrine representing the pure Gospel message. The added opportunity to preach for the congregation as a guest speaker, or fill-in would be under the sole discretion of the leadership of the congregation being visited with; however, as is stated in the guidelines, a brief description of the lesson presented will be required to be reported to the overseeing eldership of The Gospel of Christ.

Compensation paid by The Gospel of Christ is for presentation purposes only as outlined below. Any other compensation for fill-in or guest speaking, while not to be expected as a mandatory requirement of a congregation, would be the complete consideration of the congregation and unaffiliated to any other compensation of The Gospel of Christ and is the full responsibility of the Field Representative for tax purposes.

 TGOC Field Representative Job Description & Guidelines

  1. Field Representatives are considered contract labor and for IRS and tax purposes, counted as self-employed.  At no time should the field representative represent himself as an employee or designated authority of The Gospel of Christ.  A 1099 will be given to Field Representative at the appropriate time each year.

  2. TGOC Field Reps are responsible for locating and scheduling congregational visits on Sunday or Wednesday meeting times.  Each rep is also responsible for providing pertinent contact information of congregations visited through designated portals to the office of TGOC.  TGOC will also provide some congregation contact information and opportunities as is available.

  3. A Field Representative visit is only considered viable (and payable as a presentation) if the representative either utilizes a minimum of 20 minutes of a class period or allowed time during the meeting time to give a presentation through approved methods of the Field Rep Coordinator and Board.  (In example, official and updated PowerPoint presentation, and/or printed materials if necessary in an approved elder’s meeting)

  4. All Field Representatives will be expected to communicate with the Field Rep Coordinator and/or Office Manager in a timely manner.  All visits will require an online Field Rep Visit Report (see information below) within 10 days of visit in order to be validated. Any monies collected must be submitted to the office immediately or as the Office Manager designates for efficiency purposes.  A letter of appreciation will be sent from the program, and is suggested that a personal thank you is sent as well.  Postage and materials will be supplied upon request.

  5. Each Field Representative is asked to see at minimum one congregation per month to be considered active with the program.  If no presentations are given in a period of six weeks, status will be considered inactive and no presentations can be given without communication with Field Representative Coordinator authorizing or placing into active status.

  6. The Field Representative is expected to seek viable opportunities that will not only be willing to utilize TGOC resources, but also will consider supporting the program financially. Congregations with extremely minimal budgets should be limited; however, not excluded as support also comes directly from members that learn of the program during these visits.  In the event of excessive “non-supporting” presentations given, Field Representative status will be discussed and/or removed from the program if continued.

  7. Any and all representation of The Gospel of Christ must be professional, doctrinally sound, honest, and edifying to the church.  Misrepresentation of the program, scripture or doctrine is not only detrimental to the program, but also damaging to souls that are influenced by such.

  8. Each Field Representative report will include the congregation name, physical address, mailing address, contact information including phone number, a “snapshot” of the visit with lesson titles/descriptions, general information about the congregation such as attendance and offering, leadership, and overall summary of visit.  Field Representatives are also expected to have some indication when leaving if the congregation is currently supporting or will support the work.  If an idea of donations are known (check given or known estimate of donation box), please also list this information.

  9. Each Field Representative agrees to comply with these standards of representation and communication and will always adhere to the direction of the board and its overseeing eldership as represented in scripture.  

  10. Field Representative understands that all materials furnished by TGOC are considered property of TGOC and should be utilized for the benefit of the program, its supporters, and edification purposes.  In the event that Field Representative is moved to inactive status or leaves the program, all materials should be returned in a timely manner at the expense of the Field Representative.

Compensation and reimbursement information

  • Each verified Field Representative presentation will be paid by check at minimum once per month at a rate of $150.00.

  • If the congregation being met with is a new contact as a result of Field Representative’s outreach, or has not supported TGOC in over 18 months, a $25 bonus will be added to the presentation compensation.  

  • Standard Federal Mileage Rates will be paid as a reimbursement utilizing mileage calculated on common websites from Field Representative’s “home base” to and from the congregation. Specific mileage boundaries are not to be exceeded without prior approval of the Field Rep Coordinator or Board.

  • Any other reimbursements will be given only by prior approval (lodging, etc.) and will be paid only at a common or communicated rate.

Designated area ___________________________________________ Mileage Boundary _______

In witness hereof, on_________ 20___, I, _______________________________________________ accept these terms as a Field Representative of The Gospel of Christ (a/k/a TGOC, Gospel of Christ, Inc.) and agree to abide by them, holding the utmost reputation of TGOC and the basis of the program in scripture to the highest regard.

Field Rep Address



Phone _________________________________ SSN  ________________________________

Email _____________________________________________

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Field Rep Coordinator/Office Manager Date

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Board Member/Elder Da

The above description and guidelines is considered for basic informational purposes only. For more information, contact Joey Ferrell, Field Rep coordinator by email at of complete the Field Rep application for consideration.