Bible Curricula - Acts – 1st Quarter (13 weeks/13 lessons)

Objective: To challenge the teacher(s) and students to have a working knowledge of ACTS

CHOOSE 1 CURRICULUM idea (out of 3) below on how to teach ACTS in 13 weeks/13 lessons:

1st Curriculum:

Spend 13 weeks on the sermons in Acts:

1. Peter (to the crowds at Pentecost)                Acts 2:14-39

2. Peter (to the crowds at the temple)               Acts 3:12-26

3. Peter (to the Jewish Sanhedrin)                      Acts 4:5-12

4. Stephen (to the Jewish Sanhedrin)                  Acts 7:2-53

5. Peter (to the Gentiles)                            Acts 10:28-47

6. Peter (to the Jerusalem church)                     Acts 11:4-18

7. Paul (to the synagogue at Antioch)               Acts 13:16-41

8. Peter & James (to church leaders)                 Acts 15:7-21

9. Paul (to the elders at Ephesus)                        Acts 20:17-35

10. Paul (to the crowd at Jerusalem)                 Acts 22:1-21

11. Paul (to the Jewish Sanhedrin)                      Acts 23:1-6

12. Paul (to King Agrippa)                                     Acts 26:2-23

13. Paul (to Jewish leaders in Rome)                   Acts 28:17-20


2nd Curriculum:


Spend 13 weeks on the beginning and growth of the church:


1. The beginning of the church of Christ                   Acts 1-2

2. The conversion of the Jews                               Acts 2:22-41

3. The conversion of the Samaritans                           Acts 8:5-13

4. The conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch                Acts 8:26-39

5. The conversion of Saul of Tarsus                    Acts 9:1-19; 22:6-16; 26:12-18

6. The conversion of Cornelius and his household   Acts 10:1-48; 11:5-18

7. The conversion of Lydia and her household          Acts 16:14-15

8. The conversion of the Philippian jailer                   Acts 16:25-34

9. The conversion of Crispus                                          Acts 18:8

10. The conversion of the Ephesians                   Acts 19:1-7

11. Paul's first missionary journey                              Acts 13-14

12. Paul's second missionary journey                           Acts 15:36-18:22

13. Paul's third missionary journey                             Acts 18:23-21:26                     


3rd Curriculum:


Spend 13 weeks on VERSE-BY-VERSE study of ACTS (approx. 78 verses per week)

[Everyone read/study these verses a week prior to the following schedule]:


1. Acts 1-2                   or     Acts 1 (if you use the questions)

2. Acts 3-4                   or     Acts 2

3. Acts 5-6                   or     Acts 3-5

4. Acts 7-8                   or     Acts 6-8

5. Acts 9-10        or     Acts 9

6. Acts 11-13      or     Acts 10-12

7. Acts 14-15      or     Acts 13-15

8. Acts 16-17      or     Acts 16-18

9. Acts 18-19      or     Acts 19-20

10. Acts 20-21   or     Acts 21-22

11. Acts 22-23   or     Acts 23-24

12. Acts 24-26   or     Acts 25-26

13. Acts 27-28   or     Acts 27-28



Memorizing VERSES in Acts for the Quarter:


1. Acts 2:38, “Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”


2. Acts 17:11, “These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.”


3. Acts 17:30, “Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent,”


4. Acts 22:16, “And now why are you waiting? Arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord.”


Optional Shortened Memory Verses for younger students:


1. Acts 2:47, “…And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.”


2. Acts 8:37, the eunuch confessed, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”


3. Acts 20:35, Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


Memorizing conversion accounts of Acts and their chapters for the Quarter:

 1. Acts 2 – Peter and the Jews

2. Acts 8a – Phillips, the Samaritans and Simon the Sorcerer

3. Acts 8b – Phillip and the Eunuch

4. Acts 9 – Ananias and Saul of Tarsus

5. Acts 10 – Peter and Cornelius (and his household; the Gentiles)

6. Acts 16a – Paul and Lydia (and her household)

7. Acts 16b – Paul and the keeper of the prison (and his household)

8. Acts 18 – Paul, the Corinthians and Crispus (and his household)

9. Acts 19 – Paul and John’s disciples of Ephesus


Memorizing chapters of Acts for the Quarter

1. Jesus goes up into heaven; Matthias chosen as an apostle

2. The power of the Holy Spirit is poured out; Gospel preached; the church of Christ begins

3. Peter heals lame man; Peter preaches the gospel

4. Peter and John are put into custody, then released; the church prays and gives

5. Ananias and Sapphira lie and die; the apostles put into prison, then released

6. Seven servants chosen for daily distribution to widows; Stephen before the Sanhedrin

7. Stephen preaches to the Sanhedrin; the Sanhedrin stones Stephen to death

8. The Jerusalem church of Christ is persecuted; Phillip converts Samaritans, Simon, and the eunuch

9. Saul converted; Peter heals at Aenas and raises Dorcas from the dead

10. Peter converts Cornelius (and his household – the Gentiles)

11. Peter convinces the Jewish Christians that God has accepted the Gentiles into salvation

12. King Herod murders the apostle James, imprisons the apostle Peter, and is eaten by worms

13. The Antioch church of Christ sends Paul and Barnabas on the first missionary journey

14. Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch and report to the church what all God has done

15. Jerusalem/Antioch church leaders conclude Gentiles not required to keep the Mosaic law

16. Paul and Silas sent on second missionary journey; Paul converts Lydia and the Philippian jailor

17. Paul’s message accepted by the Bereans, rejected by the Thessalonians; some in Athens join Paul

18. Paul converts Crispus and the Corinthians; Completes his second journey; Begins his third journey

19. While in the school of Tyrannus, Paul teaches all the living in Asia in two years

20. Paul worships in Troas; Paul says farewell to the Ephesian elders

21. Paul’s third journey ends; Paul is arrested in Jerusalem

22. Paul defends himself before the Jews and the Sanhedrin

23. The Roman officials rescue Paul from being killed by the Jews

24. Paul is tried before Felix, Roman governor of Judea (in Caesarea)

25. Paul is tried before Festus, Roman governor of Judea and King Agrippa (in Caesarea)

26. Paul’s trial before King Agrippa II

27. Paul (among 276 persons) is taken on a ship to Rome

28. Paul arrives in Rome as a prisoner and preaches for two years


Memorizing the theme of Acts for the Quarter:

The theme of Acts: The Spread of the Gospel and the Growth of the Church

Theme verse: Acts 1:8 (the apostles would be Jesus’ witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth)

Theme outline and dates [Acts 1-12: Peter/Jerusalem; Acts 13-28: Paul/Antioch of Syria]

Witnesses in Jerusalem (A.D. 30-35): Acts 1-8:4

Witnesses in Judea and Samaria (A.D. 35-48): Acts 8:5-12:25

Witnesses to the end of the earth (A.D. 48-62): Acts 13-28


e. Memorizing Paul's missionary journeys in Acts for the Quarter:

Paul and Barnabas (Acts 13-14, approx. A.D. 48-49)
Paul and Silas (Acts 15:36-18:22, approx. A.D. 50-52)
Paul (Acts 18:23-21:26, approx. A.D. 60-62)
Paul imprisoned two years in Caesarea (approx. A.D. 57-59) and in Rome (approx. A.D. 60-62)



 Week 1: Acts 1

 1. John baptized with water, but Jesus will baptize with what?



2. Who called the apostles “men of Galilee”?



3. About how many were in the upper room with the apostles?



4. What does “Akel Dama” mean?



5. Name the 2 men qualified to take part in the apostleship?



Week 2: Acts 2

 1. Who were dwelling in Jerusalem at the time Peter preached the 1st gospel sermon?



2. Where would God NOT leave Jesus’ soul?



3. Jesus will sit at God’s right hand until what?



4. Many wonders and signs were done through whom?



5. Who did the Lord add to the church daily?


Week 3: Acts 3-5

1. The people were amazed that the lame man was healed and holding on to whom?



2. Peter told the Jews to repent and be converted for forgiveness so that the times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord and that what else might result?



3. What happened to the Stone (Jesus) which the builders (Jews) rejected?



4. How old was the lame man whom Peter and John healed?



5. The believers brought the sick out into the streets so that at least what might fall on some of them?



Week 4: Acts 6-8

 1. Among the Hellenist Christians in the Jerusalem church, who were being neglected?



2. Name the seven men chosen to take care of the daily distribution of the needy widows?



3. What two men of the seven servants became evangelists?



4. How old was Moses when the Angel of Lord appeared to him in a flame of the fire in a bush?



5. What did Simon try to purchase with money that resulted in Peter telling him that his heart was not right with God?


Week 5: Acts 9

 1. Who was breathing threats and murders against the Lord’s disciples?



2. “The Way” consisted of whom?



3. How many days was Saul without sight and neither ate or drank?


4. In whose house was Saul when Ananias came, laid his hands on Saul and healed him of his blindness?



5.When Peter raised Tabitha (Dorcas) from the dead, whom did he call in to present Tabitha alive to them?


Week 6: Acts 10-12

 1. When Peter came in the presence of Cornelius, whom did Cornelius worship?



2. What has been poured out on Cornelius and his household before they were saved?



3. According to Acts 10:48, being baptized is a what?



4. How many Jewish, Christian brethren from Joppa accompanied Peter when he went to Cornelius and his household?



5. What was the church doing in Mary’s house before Peter knocked on the door?



Week 7: Acts 13-15

 1. Name the prophets and teachers in the Antioch church.



2. What did the church at Antioch do before they sent Saul and Barnabas on their 1st missionary journey?



3. From what was Elymas the sorcerer trying to turn the proconsul Sergius Paulus away?



4. Against what was the unbelieving Jews poisoning the Gentiles’ minds?



5. God acknowledged salvation being available to the Gentile by giving them what?


Week 8: Acts 16-18

 1. Whose mother was Jewish and father was Greek?



2. How did Paul find out he needed to preach the gospel in Macedonia?



3. How did the demon-possessed, slave girl bring great profits to her masters?



4. Paul noticed that Athens had be given over to what?



5. While in Corinth, what did Paul shake, indicating he was clean of his responsibility to the Jews and would now take the gospel to the Gentiles in that region?


Week 9: Acts 19-20

 1. How many years did Paul reason/teach the Asians in the school of Tyrannus?



2. What were some of the unusual miracles God worked thought Paul?



3. When those who practiced magic believed in the gospel, what did they do that indicated they had repented of their sins?



4. When did the disciples come together to break bread (partake of the Lord’s Supper)?



5. How many years did Paul spend in Ephesus, warning the brethren night and day with tears?



Week 10: Acts 21-22

 1. How many virgin daughters did Philip the evangelist have who were able to prophesy?



2. Name the Christian prophet of Judea who told Paul the Jews in Jerusalem would bind him?



3. When Paul arrived in Jerusalem, to whom did he tell the details of the things God had done through his ministry (service)?


4. After Paul’s arrest, in what language did he speak while addressing the Jerusalem crowd?



5. As the soldiers were preparing to scourge Paul, what question did he ask the centurion who stood near him?


Week 11: Act 23-24

 1. What did Paul call Ananias the high priest?



2. Which division of the Jews taught that there was no resurrection, angels or spirits?



3. How did Paul find out about the over 40 Jews who planned to ambush/murder him?



4. In what Roman capital city of Palestine was Governor Felix where Paul was taken?



5. After many years of collecting alms and offerings from the various Gentile churches of Christ, to whom did Paul distribute these collections?


Week 12: Acts 25-26

 1. Who came to Caesarea to greet Festus?



2. Before becoming a Christian, what did Saul (later known as Paul) think he ought to do?



3. As a Jew, what did Saul (later known as Paul) try to force Christians to do?



4. Paul declared that the people should repent, turn to God and do what else?



5. Paul did not speak his opinions, thoughts or feelings to Festus, but instead what?


Week 13: Acts 27-28

 1. Name the centurion of the Augustan Regiment who treated Paul kindly.



2. What was the tempestuous head wind called?



3. Who told Paul not to be afraid, for he and the men in the ship would be safe and Paul would be brought before the Caesar?



4. What happened in Malta when Paul gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire?



5. Paul was bound with a chain for the hope of what?



Please follow Paul’s journeys with your Bible maps or go to:


Paul’s 1st Missionary Journey (Saul/Paul & Barnabas)


Acts 13

Syrian Antioch (vv. 1-4): Antioch, city on the Orontes river in the province of Syria (modern-day Turkey)

Teachers and prophets in the church of Christ at Antioch

Holy Spirit commands church to separate Saul & Barnabas (hereafter S&B/P&B) for the work

Holy Spirit (through the church) sends S&B out. John Mark assists.

Seleucia (v. 4): Seaport city where S&B set sail

Salamis (v. 5): City on Cyprus island where S&B preach in the Jewish synagogues

Paphos (vv. 6-13): City on Cyprus island

Proconsul Sergius Paulus summons S&B so that he can hear God’s word

Sorcerer/false prophet Bar-Jesus Elymas tries to turn Paulus from the faith

Saul blinds Elymas; Paulus believes

Perga (v. 13): City of Asia Minor where John Mark departs and returns to Jerusalem

Pisidian Antioch (vv. 14-52): Antioch, city of Asia Minor in the province of Pisidia (modern-day Turkey)

S&B enter synagogue. Law and Prophets are read. Rulers solicit comments of exhortation

Paul preaches a sermon on Christ. Jews leave; Gentiles beg S&B to return

Next Sabbath almost the whole city come to hear God’s word

Envious Jews contradict, slander and oppose Pauls’ teaching

P&B grow bold; rebuke Jews; say they will now turn to the Gentiles

Many Gentiles rejoice and believe

Jews stir up prominent men and women; raise persecution; expel P&B

P&B shake off the dust from their feet


Acts 14

Iconium (13:51; 14:1-6): City of Asia Minor

P&B enter the synagogue

Many Jews and Greeks believe

Unbelieving Jews try to embitter the Gentiles against the brethren

City is divided; some attempt to stone P&B; P&B escape

Lystra (vv. 7-20): City in the district of Lycaonia in the Roman province of Galatia

Paul heals a crippled man

People start worshipping P&B; P&B discourage them from doing so

Jews from Antioch and Iconium persuade multitude to stone Paul

Paul stoned; people drag Paul outside the city, supposing he is dead

Disciples gather around Paul; Paul rises and goes into the city

Derbe (vv. 20-21): City in the district of Lycaonia in the Roman province of Galatia

P&B preach and make many disciples

Back to Lystra, Iconium, Pisidian Antioch (vv. 21-24):

P&B go back to strengthen and encourage the disciples to continue in the faith

P&B appoint elders in every church

Back to Perga (vv. 24-25): P&B preach

Attalia (vv. 25-26): Seaport city of Asia Minor; P&B set sail from here

Back to Syrian Antioch

P&B gather the church together; report all God did with them

P&B stay with the church for a long time


Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey (Paul & Silas)


Acts 15

Syrian Antioch (vv. 36-40)

Paul want to go back to every city and see how the brethren are doing

Barnabas wants to take his cousin John Mark (Colossians 4:10)

Paul objects because John Mark left them in Pamphylia

Barnabas and John Mark set sail to Cyprus

Paul & Silas (hereafter, P&S) are sent out by the Antioch church to the grace of God


Syria & Cilicia (v. 41): The provinces where P&S strengthen the churches of Christ


Acts 16

Derbe & Lystra (vv. 1-5)

Paul circumcises Timothy and takes him on their journey

They deliver the decrees determined by the Jerusalem elders & apostles (Acts 15:19-29)

The churches are strengthened and increase in number daily

Phrygia & Galatia (v. 6): Phrygia is a country of Asia Minor and Galatia is a province of Asia Minor

P&S travel through

P&S forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach to the Roman province of Asia Minor

Mysia (vv. 7-8): A province of Asia Minor

P&S travel through

Holy Spirit does not permit P&S to preach to the neighboring province of Bithynia

Troas (vv. 8-11): Chief seaport city on the coast of Mysia in the Roman province of Asia Minor

A vision appears to Paul

A man in the vision pleas for Paul to help the province of Macedonia in Greece

Samothrace & Neapolis (v. 11): Samothrace, island in the Aegean Sea; Neapolis, city of Macedonia

P&S, Timothy & Luke sail to this island, seaport

Philippi (vv. 12-40): City of Macedonia

Paul & company stay for several days

On the Sabbath the women regularly go outside the city to the riverside and pray

Lydia heeds the things spoken by Paul and is baptized

Paul and company stay in Lydia’s home

A demon-possessed slave girl follows Paul & company to the place of prayer

The girl calls them “Servants of the Most High God”; Paul casts out her demon

Upset, her masters drag P&S to the Roman authorities

P&S are cast into the inner prison, yet sing hymns to God

And earthquake opens the prison doors; yet P&S stay

P&S convert the jailor and his household; the jailor feeds them in his house

P&S are released from prison and stay with Lydia, encourage the brethren


Acts 17

Amphipolis & Apollonia (v. 1): Cities in the Roman province of Macedonia

P&S travel through

Thessalonica (vv. 1-10): City of Macedonia

P&S reason from the Scriptures with the Jews for 3 Sabbaths

Some Jews and a great deal of Greeks and prominent women join P&S

Envious Jews attack the house of Jason, hoping to find P&S

Brethren immediately send P&S away at night

Berea (vv. 10-14): City of Macedonia

P&S enter the synagogue

Many Jews, Gentile and prominent men and women believe

Envious Jews from Thessalonica stir up the crowd against P&S

Brethren immediately send Paul away, but Silas & Timothy stay

Athens (vv. 15:34): Capital of Attica in Greece

Paul sends for Silas and Timothy

Sabbath Paul reasons in the synagogues; daily he preaches in the marketplace

Paul preaches on Mars’ Hill and some men & women believe and join Paul


Acts 18

Corinth (vv. 1-18): Capital of the Roman province of Achaia in Greece

Paul stays with Aquila and Priscilla; makes tents and preaches

Sabbath Paul reasons with the Jews and Greeks and persuades them

When the Jews reject, Paul shakes his garments and says he goes not to the Gentiles

Gentile Justus’ house (where Paul preaches) is next to a synagogue

Many of the Corinthians, including the Jewish ruler of the synagogue, Crispus, are baptized

Paul stays 18 months in Corinth

Cenchrea (v. 18): A seaport of Corinth

Aquila and Priscilla travel here with Paul

Paul takes a vow here and cuts off his hair

Ephesus (vv. 19-21): City of the Roman province of Asia

Paul enters the synagogue and reasons with the Jews

Jews ask him to stay longer, but he must go to Jerusalem

Aquila and Priscilla stay

Caesarea (v. 22): City on the Mediterranean Sea approximately 35 miles from Jerusalem; Paul lands here

Jerusalem (v. 22): Capital city of the Jews in the Roman province of Judea

Paul greets the Jerusalem church of Christ

Syrian Antioch (v. 22): Paul returns and spends some time here


Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey


Acts 18

Syrian Antioch (v. 23): Paul departs from here on his 3rd journey

Galatia & Phrygia (v. 23): Paul returns to these regions of Asia Minor to strengthen the disciples


Acts 19

Ephesus (vv. 1-41)

Paul finds some disciples of John the Baptist who had not yet received the Holy Spirit

These disciples were baptized under John’s baptism when it was no longer in effect

The “about 12” men were baptized in the name of the Lord

Paul lays his hands on these new converts and they begin to speak in tongues and prophesy

Paul enters the synagogue and speaks boldly for 3 months

When some harden and speak evil the Way, Paul withdraws the disciples

Paul reasons in the school of Tyrannus for 2 years (stay in Ephesus for 3 years, 20:31)

All the Jews and Greeks of Asia Minor hear the word and many believe

God works unusual miracles through the hands of Paul

Many who practiced magic bring the magic books together and burn them in the sight of all

Paul sends Timothy and Erastus to Macedonia

Demetrius (a silver-shrine-maker of the idol-goddess Diana) stirs up the city against Paul

The city clerk puts a stop to the uproar


Acts 20

Ephesus (v. 1): Paul embraces the disciples and departs

Macedonia (v. 1): Paul encourages the Macedonians with many words

Greece (v. 2): a country/province (also called Achaia and Grecia; appears only here in New Testament)

Paul stays in this province for 3 months

Jews plot against Paul

Macedonia (v. 3): Paul returns through here

Philippi (v. 6): Seaport city of the Roman province of Macedonia

Paul and Luke set sail from here after the Days of Unleavened Bread

Troas (vv. 4-12)

Sopater, Aristarchus, Secundus, Gaius, Timothy, Tychicus & Trophimus wait for Paul & Luke

Paul and company stay for 7 days

On the first day of the week the disciples come together “to break bread” (Lord’s Supper)

Paul preaches until midnight, Eutychus falls to his death, Paul raises him from the dead

Paul stays and talks to the brethren till daybreak

Assos (vv. 13-14): Seaport city on the coast of Mysia in the Roman province of Asia Minor

Paul meets his companions here

Mitylene (v. 14): City on the island of Lesbos.

Paul and company sail here

Chios (v. 15): Island in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Asia Minor

Paul and company sail opposite of this island

Samos (v. 15): Island in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Lydia

Paul and company arrive here

Trogyllium (v. 15): Seaport city and promontory of Ionia in Asia Minor

Paul and company stayed here

Miletus (vv. 16-38): Ionian Greek city on the coast of Caria, near mouth of Meander River in Asia Minor

Paul summons the Ephesian elders to meet him here

Paul tells the elders they will see him no more.

They are to take heed to themselves and the flock.

There will be wolves from within and outside the church, trying to draw disciples away

Be watchful and support the weak

Paul and the elders pray, weep, show affection then accompany Paul to his ship


Acts 21

Cos (v. 1): Island in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Asia Minor

Paul and company arrive here

Rhodes (v. 1): island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Asia Minor

Paul and company arrive here

Patara (vv. 1-2): Seaport city of Lycia, district of Asia Minor

Paul and company change ships here

Cyprus (v. 3): Paul and company see this island and pass it on the left

Tyre (vv. 3-6)

Paul’s ship’s cargo is unloaded here

Paul and company find disciples and stay here for 7 days

The disciples accompany Paul and company to the shore, pray and Paul and company depart

Ptolemais (v. 7): Seaport city, south of Tyre

Paul and company greet brethren and stay with them for 1 day

Caesarea (vv. 8-16)

Paul and company stay with Phillip the evangelist for many days

Agabus, the Christian prophet from Judea, comes to Paul

Agabus prophesies that Jerusalem Jews will deliver Paul into the Gentiles’ hands

Disciples plead with Paul not to go; but he says he is ready to go

Jerusalem (vv. 17-26)

The brethren receive Paul and company gladly

They go to James and the Jerusalem elders

Paul tells them what God has done among the Gentiles through his ministry

James and the elders rejoice

James/the elders advise Paul to purify himself with 4 men who have taken a vow

This would prove to the Christian Jews that Paul did not teach the Jews who were among the Gentiles where he travelled that Paul did not teach them to forsake all Jewish customs

Paul conforms to the Jewish custom of purification

Paul’s arrest ends his 3rd missionary journey





(Put an “X” under each obedient act of conversion mentioned in the verses below)


CONVERSION           HEAR        BELIEVE           REPENT             CONFESS       BE BAPTIZED

 About 3000 Jews

Acts 2:22-41



Acts 8:5-13


The Eunuch

Acts 8:26-39


Saul of Tarsus

Acts 9:1-19



Acts 10:1-48



Acts 16:14-15



Acts 16:25-34



Acts 18:8


About 12 men of Ephesus

Acts 19:1-7



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