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Monthly Newsletter - May, 2019

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Welcome to the monthly newsletter for THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. We hope that you find our news, articles, and updates about the program encouraging and useful.

Featured Article

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True Religion: Separating Fact from Fiction #fakereligion

Ben Bailey

When watching television, reading the newspaper, or listening to the radio sometimes it is hard to separate fact from fiction.  Of course, the only way to do this is to analyze the facts and the source to ascertain if what is said is true.  The same is true four some people’s religion. Some people talk a good talk but do they have true religion. James deals with true religion and teaches us how to separate fact from fiction in James 1:26-27.

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New Broadcasts

You can now find us on Dish Network on Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. CST on

RenewTV Channels 94, 223, and 277

Nashville and Middle Tennessee can now find us on the CW network on channel 58 Sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. CST (Note the new time!!!)

Texoma - We are now broadcasting on KTEN (NBC) on Sunday mornings at 6:30 a.m. CST

Please see our website or local listings for more broadcast information

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Memorials for April 2019

Mary Prucha

In memory of Mary Prucha from Clethal Powell

Sam Terry

In memory of Sam Terry from Melony Terry

Cindy Rhea

In memory of Cindy Rhea from Melissa & Ashlee Reep

Ralph Duke

In memory of Ralph Duke from Noah church of Christ

Jimmy Bugg

In memory of Jimmy Bugg from Naomi Blair

Winona Powers

In memory of Winona Powers from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Louis Morgan

In memory of Louis Morgan from Helen Morgan, Faye Bouldin, Louise Brown, Melissa Reep, William & Beverly Ramsey, Mildred Gant, Harold & Darlene Murphy, Sandra Corso

Dennis Lovell

In memory of Dennis Lovell from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Linda Phillips

In memory of Linda Phillips from Bob & Sally Centracchio

Dorothy Tittsworth

In memory of Dorothy Tittsworth from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

In Honor of for April 2019

Thu, Apr 25

Jeremy Stover

In honor of Jeremy Stover from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Visit our website at for a complete list of memorials or for a list of “In Honor” gifts.


From a viewer:

"This is one of the BEST GREAT Christian Programs on T.V. I have learned a lot listening to this program! The speaker is always so very very knowledgeable with wisdom and understanding. He explains to you the right on time scripture of the Word. I feel like He's talking straight to me and counseling me. God more than Bless Him...."


In the Field and Around the World (wide-web)

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Being a Live Worker Bee! - From the field and around the world

Joey Ferrell

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings so true with the caption photo of this article. If you did not see the picture, it is a very interesting picture of a “worker bee” dying. You and I have probably both seen this scene before. Maybe it was a bee that someone swatted, or maybe an insect spray took their last breath. Whatever the case, the worker bee is on its way to never working again…

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Wed, May 08

Hola! Proximamente en Espanol!

That is right! We are working on recording some videos on the church of Christ and Salvation in Spanish!

Want to know more? Visit


New in Digital Downloads - Old Testament Studies

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By the Numbers…

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April 2019 Statistics

Total number of media requests - 160
Digital Downloads - 123
DVDs mailed - 762
CDs mailed - 380
Number of states mailed media - 34
Number of countries mailed media - 14

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April 2019 Digital and Social Media Statistics

Here are the statistics from the web, our streaming avenues, and Social Media for April, 2019


Reach - 10,447
Likes - 2,293
Videos watched - 4,950


Subscribers - 1,812
Videos watched - 755


Visits - 6,466
Pages viewed - 12,348

Apps: (including Roku/AppleTV/Amazon/iOS/Google)

Monthly Downloads - 282
App Launches - 1,107
Videos viewed through apps - 1124

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