Article - Filters Necessary

Whether you own a car, air conditioner or just about any motor operated device, you are going to need a filter to keep it clean and working properly. Filters serve a very essential purpose in many areas of life. They keep the trash or “gunk” away from the engine or motor. Without a filter, the lifespan of the motor on one’s car would be greatly reduced. Filters are also necessary to stay clean and pure if Christians are going to view and participate in modern media. With the amount of foul language, immodesty and ungodly scenes on TV, it is important that we filter what we watch. Thankfully, there are some good filters that will help the Christian to stay pure and enjoy certain types of entertainment media. Here are three filters that would be good for every Christian home to have.

The first is a foul language filter for Television. TVGuardian has created an amazing product that will let you watch TV in real-time and still filter out the foul language. From the TVGuardian website they explain this process saying, “TVGuardian monitors the hidden closed-caption text in the background while you watch TV. Each word is checked against a dictionary of more than 150 offensive words and phrases. When a foul word or phrase is detected, TVG automatically mutes the offensive language. A profanity-free version of the phrase is displayed during the mute.” Having owned a TVGuardian myself, I can assure you it is one of the best products to remove profanity and still enjoy the show you are watching. This product cost about $200 dollars and is well worth the investment. You can learn more about this product at Along with a TV Guardian, another filter helpful for viewing DVDs is ClearPlay The ClearPlay website states, “ClearPlay is a DVD player that enables your family to enjoy all of the great Hollywood movies you’ve always wanted to watch—without all of the junk you don’t want.” You can learn more about this product at

Another filter that is extremely important is K-9 web protection for the internet. The internet is filled with pornography and all sorts of ungodliness. As a parent, you surely don’t want your children accessing (either on purpose or through a pop-up) such vile websites. How can one prevent this from happening? It’s simple—install a filter that checks the page for you and approves or disapproves of the website based on your preset criteria. This is exactly what the K-9 web filter does. Blue Coat Technologies describes how this filter works saying, “K9 is not antivirus, anti-spam or firewall software. K9 is a Web filter that determines where the computer user can go inside your Web browser.” The nice thing about this program is YOU limit the amount of places your web browser can or cannot go. The categories you can choose include blocking sites on abortion, pornography, gambling, and racism or hate sites and much more. And, the best thing about this product is it is FREE! This product is also downloadable from the Itunes store as a free app for Ipod, Iphone, and Ipad. The website from which you can download this filter is I encourage you to look into these products and filter what you and your children view or listen to on TV or the Internet.


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