Our Staff

Together with the overseers of The Gospel of Christ, our staff work to present, produce, promote, organize, and manage all aspects of the evangelistic and ministry efforts of The Gospel of Christ.  


Ben Bailey



Ben Bailey is a native of Texas and the preacher for the Central church of Christ in McMinnville, TN. He is a graduate of the Brown Trail School of Preaching and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and ministry from Oklahoma Christian University. Ben serves as the speaker for TGOC television, radio, and internet broadcasts, and has been with TGOC since its inception.


Frank Reynolds

Studio Manager


Frank resides in McMinnville, Tennessee. He served as a deacon at the Central church of Christ for several years primarily in the Media Ministry and currently serves as an elder. Frank and Ben started a video studio shortly after Ben's arrival in 2011 providing video lessons to GBN and TGOC. Frank retired from Bridgestone to serve full time as Studio Manager. 

Beverly Ramsey

Office Manager


Beverly resides in Viola, Tennessee.  She is a member of Central church of Christ and is married to William, an elder at Central. She is a retired educator and school administrator. Beverly is office manager for TGOC.


Joey Ferrell website pic.jpg

Joey Ferrell

Media Minister/Field Rep


Joey resides in Woodbury, Tennessee with his wife and family.  He is the internet and social media specialist for TGOC.  He also works alongside our field representatives at lectureships and area congregations.


Field Reps


Samuel Hostetter

Field Rep


Robert Lambert

Field Rep

Samuel Hostetter is a native of Woodbury, TN.  He is currently a student at Heritage Christian University in Florence, AL pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Biblical studies.  He is a field representative for TGOC in the North Alabama, South Central Tennessee and surrounding areas.

Drew Milligan.png

Drew Milligan

Field Rep

Drew Milligan is a native of McMinnville,TN. He is the minister at the Corinth church of Christ and teaches History and Bible at Boyd Christian School. He is married to the former Rebekah Eidson of Dunlap,TN.  He is a field representative for TGOC in Middle and Southeastern Tennessee.


Robert Lambert is a native of Lawrenceburg, TN and resides in Clarksville.  He has over 30 years of pulpit preaching experience and works in the insurance industry.  Robert is a Field Representative in the Western and South-Central Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and North Alabama.


Jimmy Pitchford

Field Rep

Jimmy Pitchford lives in Ennis, TX with his wife and 2 daughters.  Jimmy is a graduate of Brown Trail School of Preaching and has over 28 years of preaching experience.  Jimmy does fill-in and assignment ministry as well as being a field rep for TGOC in the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma areas.


Additional Support Staff

The Gospel of Christ would not be a successful work without the help of many individuals working in the background to create content, video production, produce transcripts for our media, packaging, duplication, and shipping.

Special thank you to these support staff members:

Shane Fisher, Emily Fisher, Brian Covert, Ashlee Reep, Sally Centracchio and the staff at Central church of Christ that works alongside of our staff daily.