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EVANG-00 - Evangelism and the Bible (Collection)

Evangelism in the Bible. These 4 videos explain the Authority of the church, the Oneness of the church, the Organization, Worship, & Name of the Church, and Sin and Salvation

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EVANG-01 - The Authority of the Bible

The Scripture says “God wants all men to be saved and to a come to
a knowledge of the truth,” 1 Timothy 2:4.
Welcome to our personal evangelism lessons on the subject of

As we begin these lessons, we hope that each person will
understand that our aim and motive in discussing these things is ultimately
for all people everywhere to go to heaven. We encourage you to get your
Bible as we think about God's plan of salvation in this series of lessons.
In studying on the subject of salvation and ‘What must I do to be
saved?’ a person must begin by understanding God's authority in religion
and the all sufficiency of the Bible.

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EVANG-02 - The Oneness of the Church

In John 12:48 Jesus said, “He who rejects me and does not receive
my word has that which judges him. The word that I've spoken will judge
him in the last day.”
Welcome you to our series of personal evangelism lessons. In our
last series we noticed the importance of only listening to the Bible as our
guide in religion. Today we're going to continue that idea and talk about the
one church that Jesus built.
We hope that you'll have your Bible handy as we study the word of
God together.Today we are discussing the Pentecostal religion.

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EVANG-03 - The Organization, Worship, and Name of the Church

How is the church of the New Testament organized? How does it
worship according to the Bible? By what designation or name is the church
identified in the New Testament?
We welcome you to our third series in our evangelistic lessons. We
hope that you'll have your Bible ready as we're going to study these
subjects together today.

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EVANG-04 - Sin and Salvation

In Acts 16:30-31 the greatest question that's ever been asked comes,
“Sirs what must I do to be saved?”
Today we're going to discuss the most solemn and important
question ever asked. We hope you'll get your Bible as we're going to study
“What must I do to be saved?” together. That question, “What must I do to
be saved?” is a question that each person who wants to live with God must
answer according to the Bible.

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