WORSHIP-3 - Preaching as an Act of Worship

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“Lesson 3-Preaching as an Act of Worship”

Introduction by narrator accompanied by a cappella singing:
THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. Spreading the soul-saving message of Jesus. And now,
Ben Bailey.

The Bible says, “Preach the word. Be instant in season and out of
season. Reprove, rebuke, and exhort with all long suffering and doctrine,” 2
Timothy 4:2.
We welcome you today to our study of worshiping God by the
preaching of His message. The Bible is God's divine revelation. When we
preach that message, we bring glory and honor to almighty God.
As we think today about the subject of worshiping God through the
proclamation, the preaching of His word, what a wonderful privilege it is.
The Psalmist said, “Oh come, let us kneel before the Lord our maker.”
That's the idea. We have the privilege to bow down before God and bring
Him honor and glory. Friend, when we preach and teach what God says in
the Bible, we're giving God the absolute praise and honor because it's His
voice, not men's, that's being heard. Preaching the word of God is an
awesome responsibility and an awesome privilege. We need to preach the
word. 2 Timothy 4:2, preach the Bible. Peter said, “If any man speaks let
him speak as the oracles of God,” 1 Peter 4:11. Paul told Titus in Titus 2:1,
“As for you, preach the things which are proper for sound doctrine.” And
God said to Jonah in Jonah 3:2, “Preach the preaching that I tell you.”
That's the privilege and the responsibility that is associated with gospel

Today in our world as has been in every day and age there is such a
great need for true preaching of the word of God. Why? Here's why. God
chose preaching to save the lost, 1 Corinthians 1:21. When the message of
God is taught and proclaimed, two people are sitting down together and
one man shares the word of God with someone else- that's the power, the
gospel is God's power to save, and men and women need to be taught
that. What an awesome responsibility and privilege that is!
As we think about how we can preach and teach in such a way that
we worship and honor God through it, friend, let's realize the content. What
we preach is important in God-glorifying preaching. Let me illustrate. For
God to be glorified through the proclamation, the teaching and preaching of
His word, I've got to be careful that I only preach and teach what God says.
This is why the Bible says in 2 Timothy 4:2, preach the word. We're not
going to give in to those who have itching ears who want to hear what feels
good and what sounds right, we want to preach the word of God, John 1.
Jesus and the message of God is that living word and we want to preach
that today. The Bible says ‘the word of God is living and powerful, sharper
than any two-edged sword, piercing even the division of soul and spirit,
joints and marrow; it's a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.’
Why do we want to preach the word? Because the word, the word of God,
that's where the power is at. Romans 1:16, the gospel is God's power to
save men and women today. James said in James 1:21, that we're to lay
aside, men and women are to lay aside all filthiness and overflow of
wickedness and receive them with meekness the implanted word, which is
able to save their souls.
As we think today on the subject of teaching and preaching, the
proclamation of God's message let's realize to do that in a way that glorifies
God the content must be God's message. Let me make it as plain and
simple as I know how. What I think and what you think, what you feel and
what I feel- is not going to save people on the Day of Judgment. Now
friend, you may have some good thoughts and ideas. I may have some
good thoughts and ideas, but in all honesty what God says is what matters.
What God thinks, says, and what God feels is the only thing that's going to
save people. My opinion and my ideas, and your opinion and your ideas,

are not going to be the content, that doesn't need to be the content of
preaching that glorifies God. We need to preach what the word of God
As you think about the content of preaching that glorifies God, here's
another powerful aspect: Not only do we need to preach the Bible, the word
of God, but we need to preach the saving message of Jesus Christ. Men
and women need to hear ‘You'll call His name Jesus, He'll save His people
from their sins,’ Matthew 1:19-21. Men and women need to hear the
gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. That's God's power to save today,
Romans 1:16. People need to hear in the gospel message that “God so
loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in
Him should not perish but have everlasting life,” John 3:16. Preaching the
life of Jesus, how He lived, the miracles that He did, how He overcame this
world, the wonderful sacrifice that He made for men and women on the
cross, that He lived a perfect life, that He died as a sacrifice for my sins,
that He's been raised from the dead, He's now at the right hand of the
Father, and that by obedience to the message of Jesus I can have the
hope of eternal life. People need to hear that. Men and women need to
hear. “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there's no other name under
heaven given among men by which we must be saved,” Acts 4:12.
We say this kindly and yet as boldly as we know how- for preaching
to be that which glorifies God, regardless of who likes it or doesn't like it,
the truth must be preached. There are going to be things that are difficult.
There are going to be things that challenge each one of us. There are
going to be times in my life and yours when the gospel is preached and I
look into that mirror of the word of God, James 1:22-25, that I don't always
see what I want to see. I know I need to change. Regardless of who likes it
or who doesn't like it, the truth must be preached. Isn't that really what's
being said in 2 Timothy 4:2? “Preach the word. Be instant in season and
out of season.” As one old gospel preacher used to say, “Preach it when
they like it and when they don't like it.” That's the idea. We're not preaching
to make people unhappy, that's not the idea. Listen to Paul's words in
Galatians 4:16. “Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”
Jesus said surely not, “for it is the truth that will make you free,” John 8:32.

A question was asked by Pilate in John 18:36. What is truth? And of course
we know the answer, Jesus already told us in John 17:17. “Sanctify them
by Your truth, Your word is truth.” Our intent is not to anger people. Our
intent is not to step on toes or make people upset in teaching the gospel.
But friend, I've got to go into it knowing I'm going to teach the truth of God's
word. If people like it, great, - if they don't like it, we'll deal with that as well.
We're going to preach the truth because that's what God has told us to
Now let's think for just a moment about not only the content of
teaching and preaching the gospel that brings honor to God, but let's talk
about the attitude and the mindset in doing that. Did you know in the Bible,
in Philippians 1, there were people who were teaching the truth of the
gospel, but they were doing that to bring the Apostle Paul more persecution
and harm, and their attitude wasn't right. What kind of attitude do I need to
have to preach and teach the gospel in such a way that it glorifies God?
Friend, God-glorifying preaching should always be tendered with love.
People need to know, when we teach the gospel, when we talk about sin,
when we talk about moral subjects, subjects that are controversial, the
Bible may be clear on them- but they're controversial in our world today.
People need to know the reason we're saying these things. The reason
we're teaching this is because we love their soul. Think about the words of
Ephesians 4:15. The Apostle Paul said, “Speak the truth.” There's the
content. There's what we're to do. We're to speak, what are we to speak?
We're to speak the truth. Here's the attitude: “In love.” “Speak the truth in
love.” All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23.
When we mention that the wages of sin is death, Romans 6:23, and when
Christians preach and teach that all who are in sin and have not obeyed
Jesus are going to die and be lost for eternity- why are we saying that?
Because we don't want them to die and go to hell. We don't want men and
women to be lost. We're preaching the solution to the problem of sin. We
want people to be saved. That's why we preach the gospel. We want
people to see that just as God loves all men and wants them to be saved;
we love all men as well and want them to be saved. People need to know
that what we're saying we're doing it out of love. Our words, our attitude,

our demeanor, the passion and the zeal that we have for God and the
message ought to represent the love we have for lost souls as well.
Now, that doesn't change the fact we have to say what God says.
Regardless of how kind and how loving we say it, people are not going to
take it well. Our attitude and our heart need to be right in teaching the
gospel, and that'll bring God the glory.
Another attitude we need that brings God the glory and the honor in
our preaching is our preaching needs to have a sense of urgency to it.
Zechariah 2:4, they're to run to him and teach him. Acts 8:29-30, the Holy
Spirit told Philip to go teach the Ethiopian eunuch. He ran to him, is the
idea. There needs to be a sense of urgency in preaching that honors and
glorifies God. Why? Because there's a sense of urgency in our time. Like it
or not, time is limited. My time's limited. Your time's limited. Nobody knows
when that final day's going to be. “What is your life but a vapor, here for a
little while then it vanishes away,” James 4:14. This is a matter that is
urgent. We need to deal with a sense of urgency and readiness to help
people with the good news of Jesus.
Let me mention a third attitude that will bring honor and glory to God
as we preach His word. Friend, our preaching ought to have a sense of
passion and excitement to it. Listen again to Romans 1:16. What's the
gospel? Another word for gospel is good news. I am not ashamed of the
good news of Jesus Christ. Our preaching should represent the fact that
we're bringing good news. Now you think about it. If you had good news on
a subject, you could solve world problems, you could find the cure to

famine in third world countries, you could deal with some dreaded disease-
would you be excited and passionate about that? Absolutely. Well friend,

far greater than any world problem or famine, Christians have the antidote,
the solution to the sin problem that can keep men and women from being
lost in hell. What is that? It's the good news of Jesus, and there ought to be
excitement, passion, and we ought to be bubbling over to tell. There ought
to be a sense of joy and excitement in preaching the good news of Jesus

Another attitude that will help me to preach and teach in such a way
that we bring God glory and honor is having a sense of awe and reverence
in our preaching. James says this more as a reminder than a deterrent in
James 3:1. “Let not many of you become teachers knowing we shall
receive a stricter judgment.” I don't believe James is trying to deter people
from teaching, but he's reminding us of the seriousness, of the gravity, of
the sense of awe and reverence we have any time we teach God's word.
Think about the power of God's word and with what a sense of awe and
reverence we ought to teach it. In the beginning God said, “Let there be
light and there was light.” God spoke and the world came into being, and
that word of God, what I'm holding in my hand today, the very word of God,
that's the power to save men's souls! There ought to be a sense of awe
and reverence any time that we preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.
I want to mention this to you about preaching that brings honor and
glory to God and it goes along with the attitude, but it's more located or
more focused on the purpose of preaching. Why preach the gospel?
What's the purpose of it? Our purpose, if it's correct, will help us to preach
and teach in such a way that it brings glory to God. Preaching the gospel,
one of the great reasons in the Bible to preach the gospel truly brings honor
to God, it's for seeking and saving the lost. Why preach the message of
Jesus? Because we want, our purpose in doing that is to bring lost souls to
Jesus, right? Luke 19:10, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save that
which is lost.” “Go into all the world, preach the gospel unto every
creature,” Mark 16:15. ‘Go to all nations, baptizing them in the name of the
Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things
that I have commanded you.’ What's the purpose? Why preach the gospel?
God wants us to preach His message because He wants men and women
to be saved.
When you think about preaching the gospel, preaching is also not
only designed to save the lost but it's designed also to encourage and
sometimes correct those who are saved. Hebrews 3:12, the Hebrew writer
says, “Take heed, beware brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart
of unbelief and departing from the living God, but encourage or exhort one

another daily and so much more as you see the day approaching.”
Sometimes it's designed to encourage, sometimes preaching is designed
to reprove, rebuke, and exhort, 2 Timothy 4:2. All of those have also the
purpose of bringing the saved back or keeping the saved where they need
to be.
Preaching also a purpose of it is it ought to challenge us spiritually. If
we're never challenged, maybe we're never pushed out of our comfort zone
to do the things that we really ought to or need to do but sometimes don't
want to do. Here's what Paul said about the preaching and his mindset in
preaching the gospel. Paul said this, “I discipline my body and bring it into
subjection.” Why? “Lest when I've preached to others I myself should
become a castaway.” What's Paul saying there? He's saying before I go
out and preach I'm not looking' out there first, I'm looking' in here first.
Preaching ought to challenge the servant of God who does that, to
discipline himself, to look at his own body, and to make sure that what he's
preaching he's also living. True gospel preaching ought to challenge each
of us to live in such a way that we bring honor and glory to almighty God.
Now, let me mention one other aspect of preaching, because some
may not preach publicly, and some may not teach as much as others, but
you have a part in preaching the gospel as well that'll glorify God, because
the response to God-glorifying preaching also glorifies God. Let me
illustrate. Every hearer of God's word, everyone who hears the gospel
taught and hears the gospel proclaimed, has a responsibility in hearing and
that is our responsibility. If we're going to glorify God as hearers of the
message, we have the responsibility to the word of God. Luke 8:18 ‘take
heed how you hear.’ Mark 4:24, ‘take heed what you hear.’ Revelation 2:3,
‘he that has ears to hear let him hear.’ Acts 17:11, ‘they searched the
scriptures daily to see if what they heard was true to the word of God.’ Not
only does the one proclaiming the message, does he have to do it in such a
way that brings glory and honor to God, but the ones hearing it can also
glorify God by their response. My response needs to be, ‘Speak Lord, your
servant hears,’ Isaiah 6; 1 Samuel 2 and 3. “Lord, what would you have me
to do?” Acts 9:4-6. “Lord, teach us,” Luke 11:1. Our response needs to be,
‘I'm ready to hear. I'm ready to learn. If God says it, I'm ready to change.

I'm ready to submit to the will of God and do the things that God wants me
to in this life in such a way that it'll bring the glory and honor that God
deserves.’ The hearer also has a responsibility in the message being
preached to listen and respond in a way that'll bring glory and honor to
God, and of course ultimately to respond in obedience to the gospel of
Jesus Christ.
Now, as we think about this subject let me also mention some, what
we might refer to as some pitfalls that a person needs to be careful about in
preaching that if you get involved in. These they're not going to bring God
the glory and the honor. Here are some pitfalls to be careful about. Number
one, don't preach with ulterior motives. Pride may be one of those motives.
Proverbs 16:18, ‘pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a
fall.’ If somebody wants to be famous, somebody wants to be wealthy, if
somebody wants to preach to cause others harm or persecution, or maybe
they're in it for the wrong reason but it's a prideful reason, friend, that's not
going to glorify God. Preaching because you think you can get wealthy is
surely not going to glorify God. 1 Timothy 6:6-10, some seem to be doing
that in the New Testament. They thought that godliness was a reason for
gain. Some today are doing the same thing. They preach, and they may
give a message that you'll find from the Bible. Then they're going to go
write in to send us your money. ‘Send us a love offering. If you'll give us x
amount of dollars, God's going to bless you. He's going to make you
healthy and happy and wealthy. We need your love offering.’ Well friend, if
someone's in it for money, if someone's in it for ulterior motives like that,
that type of preaching is not going to glorify God. Now, you can relate to
that, I'm sure. You've probably been flipping through the channels and
you've seen somebody who was really railing on others about sending in a
contribution. I remember one religious preacher. He said he was going to
lock himself in a tower until he got a million dollars sent in. Well, that's not
the motive. That's not what God wants. We're not in it for what we can get
out of it. We want to do it in such a way that brings God the glory and
honor. Don't do it for the wrong motive. Do it to glorify God and to save lost

Here's another thing you've got to be careful about, and I understand,
Jesus told parables. I understand that Jesus used irony and humor as well
in His messages, but don't make the content of the message all about
storytelling and jokes. My friend, I understand there's a place for humor. I
understand there's a sense in which a parable or a story might illustrate a
point, but the parable or the irony or the humor ought to supplement the
truth, not the other way around. I think sometimes messages can become
all about that, and we lose focus on what is the true content of the message
- preaching the gospel.
We mention another pitfall, and I hear it so much today. Many are
preaching a social gospel. ‘Well, this is how God's going to bless you. If
you do these things God's going to make you healthy, and wealthy, and
happy and you're going to have every blessing in life.’ Friend, that's so
deceiving. The Bible teaches at times that's not going to be true. Christians
suffered in the New Testament. The Bible promises all who desire to live
godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. The Bible never promises me
I'll have every physical blessing I want. The Bible does promise all spiritual
blessings are ours in Christ, and so to preach for ulterior motives, that's
something that every person has to be very, very careful about.
Friend, as we think today about gospel preaching and preaching that
glorifies and honors God, that preaching begins with the heart of the hearer
as well. The message has to be the content that God wants it to be, but the
heart of the hearer must also be softened by the message of God and must
be receptive to God's truth.
Is that your heart today? Friend, we want you to know with clarity that
God loves you. “God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son.”
We want you to know that Jesus came and lived a perfect life, Hebrews
4:15. He by God's power, through the miracles and the great things He did
showed He was a servant of God. He went to a cruel cross and died as a
sacrifice for my sins and for yours, and by His sacrifice all men can be
saved today.

Have you heard the message about Jesus? Romans 10:17. Are you
willing to change your ways and repent, turn from sin to God, Luke 13:3?
Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God, John 8:24? Would you be willing
to confess Him with your mouth, Romans 10:17 and 10:10? Would you do
what Jesus said to be saved? He that believes here's what Jesus said, he
that believes and is baptized will be saved. To contact the blood of Jesus,
would you obey the gospel and become a Christian?
We want you to know how much God loves you. We love you. God
loves you. More than anything today we want to preach God's message in
such a way that it pricks men and women's hearts and makes them want to
obey the soul-saving gospel of Christ.
Is that your heart? We hope it is today. If we can help you in any way
please don't hesitate to contact us as we want all men to be saved.

Study Questions for:
“Worship Series: Lesson 3”

1. What does 2 Timothy 4:2 command us to do?

2. According to James 1:21, what are we to lay aside?

3. According to Romans 1:16, what has the power of God that brings

4. According to John 3:16, what did God give? Why?

5. According to John 17:17, what is truth?

6. According to Ephesians 4:15, how shall we speak the truth?

7. What is life compared to in James 4:14?

8. What should we do daily according to Hebrews 3:12?

9. According to Luke 13:3 what must we do?

10. What does Proverbs 16:18 say of pride?

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