GBL-12 - Inspiration of Scriptures

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“Great Bible Lessons: Lesson 12”

Introduction by narrator accompanied by a cappella singing: THE
GOSPEL OF CHRIST. Spreading the soul-saving message of Jesus. And
now, Ben Bailey.

The Bible says “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is
profitable for doctrine, for proof, for correction, for instruction in
righteousness that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped
for every good work,” 2 Timothy 3:16-17.
We welcome you today to our study of the inspiration of scriptures.
How good it is to know and have our faith built upon the word of God, which
came from the very mouth of almighty God.
Let's turn our attention to the study of the inspiration of the Bible. Why
is it important? Why do we need to think about the inspiration of scripture
today? Well friend, this is a subject that we desperately need to study
because there's so many people who just think of the Bible as a good book
of good stories that has some practical application in certain parts of life.
The Bible is more than just a book of good stories. The Bible is the good
book. It is the word from God. John 6:68, Simon said in response to Jesus'
statement, ‘Do you want to go away also?’ Simon said, ‘Lord, to whom shall
we go? You have the words of eternal life.’ The Bible is the book. God's
book that has the plan for salvation. The Bible is more than a book of good
stories; it's going to be our judge one day. John 12:48 Jesus said, “He who

rejects me doesn't receive my words. He has that which judges him. The
word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.” It is not just a good
book of moral stories. The Bible is God's word. It is one day going to judge
our life at the end of time.
The Bible is also important for us to understand the inspiration of
scripture because of the confusion that is being taught in society on very
important matters-matters about God and creation. There's so much that's
being taught in schools and universities as it relates to how we got here
and why we're here. And yet all along, God revealed that to us in the Bible.
The world wants to say many millions or billions of years ago there
was some great explosion and out of that nothingness man came over
eons of time. If I believe the Bible's inspired, I know that's not true. The
Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”
Genesis 2:7 says, “The Lord God created man out of dust of the ground,
breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.”
The heavens declare the handiwork of God. The elements show His power
and His glory. Friend, unlike what we're told in society, if we can be
convinced that the Bible is God's word- we can understand we are the
special creation by the miraculous hand and power of all mighty God.
Why else is studying inspiration so important? It's so important
because there's so much religious skepticism about the Bible. There are a
lot of people who believe the Bible, but they don't believe it fully. They'll say
‘only the words in red are inspired, or only these books, or this book and
not that book, and can we really trust all the Bible?’ Friend, the Bible says
the entirety of God's word is truth, Psalm 119:116. The Bible says that it is
the divine will of all mighty God, from beginning to end, it is truth, John
17:17. The Bible says the law of the Lord is perfect, Psalm 19:7. We can do
away with all the skepticism that exists today by showing that the Bible is
the word of God.
Let's look at God's claim. Then let's look at the evidence to see, can
we know for sure what the Bible claim? Can that claim be backed up by

The Bible claims to be the very word from the mouth of the God who
created us. I want to draw your attention again to 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Listen
to the all-inclusive nature of it. “All scripture,” -not some, not just the words
in red, not a few verses or this book or that book- “all scripture is given by
inspiration of God.” That word inspiration is a compound word in the Greek
language, which means it's a conjoining of two words into one. It is the two
words ‘theos’ for God, and the word ‘pneustos’ which means breathe.
Literally it means to exhale.
So when the Bible says all scripture's given by inspiration, what's that
mean? God exhaled, and on His very breathe, were the words of the Bible.
The Bible claims to be words from the mouth of Almighty God. 2 Peter1:19-
21 the Bible says, “Holy men of God spoke as they were moved or guided
by the Holy Spirit.” The Bible's claim is that when Paul, or John, or Mark
picked up pen, the force behind that was the Holy Spirit of God. God is the
source of the writings of the Bible. 1 Corinthians 14:37 Paul said, “If any
man thinks himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge the
things that I write to you, these are the commands of God.” What's the
Bible's claim about inspiration? Paul said, here's the claim; “What I'm
writing isn't from me. It's God's commands.” When men wrote, they wrote
down the words, and the teachings, and the commands of God. As we
referenced earlier, Psalm 119:160, the Bible says the entirety of God's
worth is truth from beginning to end. The Bible's claim is that it is fully and
completely inspired.
Now let's elaborate on that idea of inspiration just a little more. When
we say the Bible's inspired, what exactly do we mean with that idea
further? The Bible means that it's full and complete. We say the Bible is
inspired, that means it is everything we need to get to heaven. 2 Peter 1:3
the Bible says that ‘according to His divine power, God has given to us all
things for life and godliness.’ The Bible claims that it is everything I need to
live a godly life, and to have the best life. John 16:13, Jesus promised his
disciples who would receive the Holy Spirit, that ‘when He, the spirit of truth
has come, He'll guide you into all truth.’ It's all we need on religious
matters. I don't need any other books. I'm not looking for a Latter-day

prophecy. I don't need a prophet today to tell me what to do. The Bible is
everything we need to get to heaven.
Secondly when we talk about inspiration- that is that it is verbal- the
Bible is given to us in words, not in pictures, not in a movie. God gave us
the Bible in words. How did that work? 2 Samuel 23:2 is a great illustration
of that. David said “His word,” God's word, “was on my tongue.” When
David spoke, when Jesus spoke, when John, or Paul or Luke spoke, the
word on their tongue was God's word. It is verbally in words inspired by
almighty God.
Then a third aspect of inspiration is when we say the Bible is inspired,
we're also recognizing that the Bible is perfect, or infallible. If God is what
the Bible teaches us, that He's perfect, He's true, He's right, He has no
fault, if God is who he claims he is, and He is- then friend the Bible His
product, will also be infallible. John 17:17, ‘sanctify them by your truth.’
Listen now, ‘your word is truth.’ God's word is true, infallible. It does not
contain errors. James 1:25 puts it this way, “It is the perfect law of liberty.”
We're not talking about a book of mistakes. We're not talking about a book
that has claims that it cannot back up. There've been a lot of critics who've
looked at the Bible and throughout the test of time; the evidence in the
Bible has stood those criticisms.
Then a fourth aspect of inspiration, not only is it complete, not only is
it complete in words, not only is it infallible, but the Bible is also
authoritative. It is the final voice from God that matters with all things
concerning religion. Jesus taught us this very clearly. Matthew 28:18 Jesus
said, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.” Paul
said, ‘this is the commands of God,’ 1 Corinthians 14:37. On that great
day, Revelation 20:12-15, when we stand before God, books will be
opened- I'll assure you, one of those is the word of God, John 12:48.
Let's consider then the evidence. That’s the claim; we've seen why
it's important. We've looked at the claim the Bible makes. What evidence is
there that the Bible actually is inspired that holds up this claim?

One of the great proofs of the Bible's inspiration is its uniqueness. I
want you to think about this with me. The Bible is one of the most unique
books ever written. It contains 66 books, or letters, inside of it. Those letters
were written by 40 different writers- 66 letters, written by 40 different human
scribes- that encompasses a time span of about 1500 years from the oldest
book in the Old Testament, to the last word in the New Testament. You've
got a period of 1500 years. Many of those writers were from different
countries. They spoke different languages. They had different jobs or
trades that they were involved in. Here's what's amazing about that: They
all say the exact same thing. Moses does not contradict John. Mark does
not contradict Jeremiah. On all matters, there is exacting unity and
Let's think about that a little further. What's the big deal in that? Let
me illustrate it this way. Let’s say that we were going to look at just one
topic over a period of 1500 years. We were going to put together a volume
on that. If, say 40 writers today, over 1500 years, were to put together one
volume on one subject, what are the chances of them all being in complete
harmony? Let's just say medicine, for example. If we were going to put
together what people believed 1500 years ago compared to what they
believe today about medicine, does it say the same thing? No, there are a
lot of things that have changed. You could say that on any subject. Were
you to take 40 people today and ask them to write on one subject, you
wouldn't have the harmony that you have with the Bible.
Friend, to have those letters written by different men, different
countries, different languages, over a 1500 year period, and they all say the
same thing, that's amazing in and of itself. Why did nobody ever disagree?
How's it the case that they didn't take issue with one another? This helps
us to see the overriding force behind the Bible wasn't Jeremiah, wasn't
Moses, wasn't Isaiah, it wasn't John, and it wasn't Mark- It was God. Each
of these men were directed under the power and the control of God as they
were inspired to write these books. One of the first and most amazing
proofs is the uniqueness of God's divine word.

Another proof that I think really shows the inspiration of the scripture
is the prophecy found in the Bible. It is a great proof of inspiration. When
we say prophecy, I want to kind of define that a little bit. We're talking about
the ability to foretell future events with such minute and exacting accuracy
that the only way you could know those is if you had divine help- unlike
fortune tellers, palm readers, astrologists, or psychics today. We're not
talking about somebody somewhere doing something. No, this is exacting
minute detail that you couldn't have known unless you were either there, or
you're God. To know it in the future, the only indication is that was God who
gave that.
Now let's give some examples of that. In Jeremiah 25:9-12, and in
Jeremiah 29:10-12, God promised to Israel that they were going to go away
into Babylonian captivity, under the hand of Nebuchadnezzar, and that after
70 years they would be released. Now Jeremiah's written prior to this,
several years prior to this. Did this come to fruition? It absolutely did.
According to history, Nebuchadnezzar took God's people captive- Babylon
took them captive. Nebuchadnezzar was the man in charge, and it lasted
exactly 70 years.
Now friend, how did Jeremiah know that was going to take place?
Jeremiah's written well before that. How'd Jeremiah know that was going to
take place? How did he know Babylon would do it? How did he know
Nebuchadnezzar would be the king or the leader? And how in the world did
he know that it would last 70 years? No way he could've known, unless
God told him. That's the point. God inspired these men. Prophecy proves
beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these things are true.
Let me give you another example. Isaiah 7:14. Isaiah prophesies that
a virgin shall bring forth a son, and you will call his name Emmanuel. Now
here's what's amazing about this. Isaiah is writing 750 years before Christ.
A virgin? Wait a minute, it don't work that way. It takes two people, man
and a woman, to bring a child into the earth. Everybody knows that. So not
only is it in the future, but it defies natural laws. So a virgin is going to bring
forth a son, call his name Emmanuel, God with us, what's that all about?
We open our Bible to Matthew 1: 20-21. 750 years in the future, fast

forward, and we hear these words; ‘You shall call his name Jesus,’
Matthew 1:20-21. Jesus is born of the virgin Mary. He is called Emmanuel
just as Isaiah said he would in Isaiah 7:14.
Now friend, you can look at the evidence. Dead Sea scrolls confirm
the date of that as well. You've got a prophecy out there 750 years. Not just
a prophecy, but a prophecy that defies natural laws. How did Isaiah know
that was going to happen? How'd he know he was going to do it without the
help of a man? Jesus is the exact fulfillment of that. There's no way Isaiah
knew that would happen unless God told him. That's the whole point.
Prophecy proves Jesus and God are true. The Bible is true.
Let me give you a couple more examples. The cross is often
prophesied about. For example, you can read in Psalm 22 the mention of
Jesus being nailed to a cross. We have the dogs surrounding the cross,
and of Jesus being given something to drink on the cross- his clothes being
divided on the cross. Numerous minute details and then you turn to
Zechariah 12 and 13, and it is prophesied that Jesus will be betrayed, that
the betrayer would receive 30 pieces of silver, and that they would buy a
potter's field with it. Now you think about those events for a moment. Psalm
22, thousand years before, Zechariah, hundreds of years before, how could
they know He would come thirsty on the cross? How could they know that
they would scoff and mock at him? Think about the minute detail, not 29,
not 31, 30 pieces of silver would be given to the traitor of Christ! And that
then he would take that, throw it into the house of God, and they would buy
a potter's field with it? How could he know all that? Well say, one time
maybe it's lucky. Friend, there are hundreds of prophecies in the Bible. Not
just one. Not just a few. Every one of them God gets right.
What does all that evidence tell us? That these men weren't making it
up on their own. These men didn't have the ability to know that. There was
a force bigger than them. There was something guiding and directing these
men. That's the only way. The only way they could know that is if there was
something greater than them telling them that- that is God. Prophecies
prove positive. God is the author and architect of the Bible, and He was the
one who inspired these men to write these things.

Now let me mention another proof. Prophecy not only shows the
Bible is the divine word of God, but I also want to show some evidence
maybe from astrology and science and things of that nature that will show
the Bible is the word of God. For example, I want you to listen to the words
of Psalm 89:37. Listen to what Psalm 89:37 says about the moon being a
witness. David writes, “It shall be established forever like the moon, even
like that faithful witness in the sky.” Now in this passage, God refers to the
seed of David as being like the moon in faithfulness. But isn't it interesting
that the Psalmist would refer here to the moon as a witness? Why is the
moon a witness? What does a witness do? When you think about a
witness, does a witness not testify or tell what he's seen or heard? The
moon is a witness of the sun's light on earth. The moon itself contains no
natural source of light. The light that the moon gives off is a reflection, a
witness of the sun's light. Now friend, how did the Psalmist know that? How
was David able to figure all that out? Did he go up and look at it? Did he get
his telescope out and look at it? Did he have the scientific knowledge then
to discover that? Not hardly. The only way David knew that the sun was a
witness, is because God told him.
Let me give you another illustration to show the scientific accuracy of
the Bible. In the book of Job we find something about the earth's
suspension. Listen to Job 26:7. It says “He, God, stretches out the north
over empty space.” Now watch this, “He hangs the earth on nothing.”
Friend, the writers of the Bible just don't make the mistakes and the
scientific blunders that people have throughout the years. In Job 26:7, how
did Job know that God hung the earth upon nothing? You look at history,
and throughout history, men have had different ideas about how the earth
was supported. Some people have thought that the earth was supported on
the shoulders of the Greek god, Atlas. One of the most interesting and odd
ideas, is that the earth is being held on the back of four elephants who are
standing on the back of a turtle.
Now friend, you think about that for a moment. While not all the men
in the Bible did believe some of these far-fetched views, here's what we
note-The ancient Greeks and Romans were the most advanced people in
their time. Yet- they believed that the earth was held up by poles, or by the

Greek god, Atlas. How did Isaiah, how did Job know these things? Some
said that it floated on water and if you went too far you'd go out there and
perish. We know today that gravity holds the earth up and that the earth is
actually suspended in space by nothing. How did Job know that with
certainty? Did he go there? Did he see? Not hardly. The only answer is that
Job knew that because that's what God told him.
Here's another passage. Isaiah 40:22, we find that not only is the
Bible accurate in the suspension of the earth, but the Bible is also accurate
in the shape of the earth. The Bible says of God, “It is He who sits above
the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers who
stretches out the heavens like a curtain, spreads them out like a tent to
dwell in.” You know it's only been just a few centuries ago that scientists
had figured out that the earth's not flat. A lot of people, Columbus Day,
others, they thought the earth was flat and if you go too far you're going to
go out there and fall off. How did Job, how did Isaiah know that the earth
was round? Friend, the only way is God told him. That's the whole point of
the things we're saying. Look at the uniqueness of the Bible, prophecy,
scientific information, and all of it comes back to confirm the Bible's claim of
inspiration is supported by the evidence. No man can know these things
unless God told him. That's the exact point that we're trying to drive home
Now, what's the application of that? If the Bible is true, then friend I
want to make sure and study it.
“Study to show yourself improved under God. A workman who does
not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.” If this is the word
from the mouth of God, then I want to study that word and I want to know it.
If this is God's word, I want to do what it says. Lord, what would you
have me to do? Acts 9:4-6, and then if this is the word of God, I want to
love it. I want to share it with other folks. I want people to know this is God's
message today.
This is the only way to be safe. There is no other hope outside of the
message of the Bible. I want to live my life by it, I want to love it, I want to

study it every day, and I want to make sure my life is in harmony with the
will of God.
We hope that today's lesson has encouraged you in the inspiration of
the scripture, and motivated each one of us to be better students of the
Bible and live in such a way that we bring God glory in our lives.

Study Questions for: “Great Bible Lessons: Lesson 12”

1. According to 2 Timothy 3:16-17, where does scripture come from?

2. What is the scripture good for according to 2 Timothy 3:16-17?

3. How does Simon answer Jesus in John 6:68?

4. According to John 12:48, what will judge us?

5. According to 2 Peter 1:3, has God given us all things to get to heaven?

6. According to John 16:13, what will the Holy Spirit do?

7. According to John 17:17, what is truth?

8. What does James 1:25 say of God’s law?

9. According to Matthew 28:18, who has all authority?

10. What does Acts 9:46 tell us the Lord wants us to do?

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