GBL-10- How To Make the Devil Mad

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“Great Bible Lessons: Lesson 10”

Introduction by narrator accompanied by a cappella singing: THE
GOSPEL OF CHRIST. Spreading the soul-saving message of Jesus. And
now, Ben Bailey.

“Be sober; be vigilant for your adversary, the Devil, walks about like a
roaring lion seeking those whom he may devour.”
Satan is no doubt aggressively pursuing people today who he can
tempt, destroy, and what an evil, ungodly adversary the Devil is.
Think about all the havoc that Satan has reeked on humanity since
the very beginning. Go back to the Garden of Eden, and it was Satan who
tempted Adam and Eve to eat that forbidden fruit and be separated from
God. Think about the calamity that was brought into Job's life. Good, godly,
upright man was tempted, persecuted, faced the death of his family, and a
dreaded disease. Why did that all that occur? Satan tempted Job.
Friend as we think about the calamity and the havoc that he's
wreaked in life, we see loved ones who are suffering because of sin and at
the hand of Satan. It ought to make each one of us have a righteous anger.
Be angry and sin not. Psalm 4:4, toward the Devil. What can I do today,
then, to turn the tables on the Devil?
We welcome you to our study today of how to make the Devil mad.
What would you do in your life if you wanted to make the Devil mad, and if

you did certain things that would anger Satan? What would those things
be? We're going to talk about how to make the Devil mad, and what kind of
Christian qualities are in your life will definitely get the Devil set on fire, and
make him upset.
Let's then turn our attention to the discussion today of how to make
the Devil mad. If I were going to do things in my life, and you were going to
do things in your life that we would say would definitely not make Satan
happy, what would those things be?
First, if you're a child of God, we want to encourage you to be more
faithful than you've ever been before. Live more for Jesus every day. Have
a sense of urgency to your faithfulness. Never stop putting one foot in front
of another. Never give up. Being more faithful than we've ever been would
surely not make the Devil happy. Jesus said, in Revelation 2:10, ‘be faithful
unto death, and I'll give you the crown of life.’ By being motivated by God's
love, it is the love of Christ that ought to compel us because we judge thus,
that if one die for all, then all died, and He died for all that they who live no
longer live with themselves, but live for Him who died for them, and rose
again in view of God's marvelous love, the great sacrifice of Jesus. Be
more faithful to God than you've ever been.
I love the words of Paul in Galatians 2:20. Paul said, “I've been
crucified with Christ. No longer, I, who live, Christ lives in me. The life which
I now live in the flesh, in this human body, I live by faith in the Son of God,
who loved me, and gave himself for me.” Can we say like Paul, I've truly
been crucified with Christ? Have we put the past, have we put the old life
behind us? Are we letting the world and its pleasures flea into the other part
of our life, and not take a big part in it today? And then, are we really being
a sacrifice for Christ every day? Romans 12:1-2 Paul said, ‘I beg you by the
mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, and
acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service, and do not be
conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind
that you may prove what is a good, and acceptable, and perfect will of
God.’ Have I really sacrificed self to God? Have I really conformed and
transformed my mind as I ought to? Like Joshua, we need the attitude: “As

for me and my house, we're going to serve the Lord.” We want to daily
follow the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, everywhere that he would lead us
in this life. And so, to make the Devil mad, be more faithful than you've ever
been before.
Friend, I will assure you the one thing that Satan hates, the one thing
that gets his ire up more than anything else is fidelity, complete
faithfulness, and dedication to God. That's what God wants. Mark 12:30 the
Bible says Jesus was asked, ‘Lord, what's the greatest of all
commandments?’ Here was His answer. “You shall love the Lord, your
God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your
strength.” This is the first, and great, commandment. The one thing God
wants more than anything, and the one thing the Devil doesn't want, is for
us to put the Lord first, and really be faithful in this life. Be faithful in working
for God. 1 Corinthians 15:58, the Bible says “Be steadfast, immovable,
always abounding the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in
vain.” The things that I do for God, those are the things that are really going
to last in this life. And so, are we really serving others? Mark 10:45, ‘the
Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve.’ Are we doing what we
can to help the poor, and the needy, and those who are hurting? “Do good
unto all men, especially those of the household of faith,” Galatians 6:10.
Are we out trying to do good in the name of Christ, and really help God's
cause in this life? Am I working like I ought to be working? Am I faithful in
attendance, as God wants me to be?
You see, the Bible teaches that God wants us to worship Him as His
people. John 4:24, ‘God is a spirit, and those who worship him must
worship in spirit and in truth.’ Am I faithfully attending the worship services
of the church? The Bible says in Hebrews 10:25 that ‘we are not to forsake
the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some.’ I'll tell you
what Satan wants you to do. Satan wants you to stay up late on Saturday
night, and get really, really tired on Sunday morning. Satan wants you to
say to yourself, ‘I've got a ballgame tonight that's going to keep me from
going to church. I've got this event, I've got work that's going to keep me
late, I'm too tired, or I don't feel well.’ Satan wants you to sit at home, and
not go to Bible study because he's afraid if you go to Bible study, you might

learn something that'll help you be more faithful. He doesn't want you to go
hear the preaching of the Gospel, sing songs that praise unto Him,
because he knows that the doing of that may prick your heart, and you
might become more faithful to God. And so, if I really want to be the type of
person that'll make Satan angry, I want to be more faithful than I've ever
been. I want to be more faithful in following the example of our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ. That's what I've been called to do. 1 Peter 2:21, ‘for
this we are called because Christ also suffered and died, leaving us an
example that we should follow in His footsteps.’
Satan doesn’t want you to stand where Jesus stood. He doesn’t want
you to think like Jesus thought, Philippians 2:5. He doesn’t want you to step
in the path of Jesus, 1 Peter 2:21. He surely doesn't want you to imitate
Christ, 1 Corinthians11:1. If you want to make the Devil mad, you strive to
make it your desire every day to be more faithful in following the example of
Jesus. Be more faithful in encouraging and strengthening others- that'll
help you to make the Devil mad. You see, the Bible says in Hebrews 3:12-
13, “Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in
departing from the living God, but exhort or encourage one another daily.”
That's the idea and the mindset that Christians ought to have. I assure you,
when somebody's hurting, when somebody's sick, when somebody's
dealing with a problem in their life, Satan wants that person to sit at home
alone. He doesn't want anybody to call. He doesn't want anybody to help.
He doesn't want anybody to go over there. He wants that person to think
I'm out here on an island by myself, and I can't do it. I'll just give up. You
know what, when Christians encourage, when Christians do call, when
Christians do drop by to visit, when we try to lift one another up, I'll assure
you, that's not what Satan wants in this life. He wants that person to feel
defeated, deflated, and feel like he doesn't have a friend left in the world.
As we think about things that we can do that would definitely make
Satan mad, make the Devil mad, friend, not only will being more faithful
than you've ever been infuriate the Devil, but giving more than you've ever
given to the Lord will also make the Devil angry. Now friend, understand
the way we're saying this. We're not begging you for your money. We're not
asking you to send it in. That's not the intent of what we're saying. We're

talking about in your personal, practical life, at the local congregation, give
more to God than you've ever given before. Luke 6:38, Jesus said this;
‘give, and it'll be given to you. Good measure pressed down, shaken
together, and running over, will men put back into your bosom.’ You know
what Satan wants you and me to do? I'll assure you, the Devil hates good
givers. He wants you to be stingy. He wants you to say, ‘I don't have
enough money.’ He wants you to not have the faith to reach out and help
the Lord's calls-because, by doing that, people who are good givers are
helping to spread the Gospel, or helping the needy, or encouraging the
poor, or reaching out in their communities in the name of God, and God's
getting, Christ is getting, the credit and the glory, and so Satan wants you
to be stingy. He wants you to hold back. He doesn't want you to give to the
cause of Christ like you ought to give.

When you think about the Bible teaching on giving, here's what it
says. The Bible teaches that our giving ought to be regular in the cause of
Christ. 1 Corinthians 16:1-2, on the first day of the week, Paul would say
where to give every first day of the week as we have prospered, and as
we've purposed in our heart. Just like Christians in the 1st Century,
wouldn't it be great today to give regularly, weekly, to the cause of our Lord
and Savior, Jesus Christ? Now friend, when we say give as you've
purposed in your heart, that doesn't mean that you wait 'til the last minute
and say, what have I got left in my wallet. We want to give to God's cause
because God has given so much to us. We want to be good givers in the
cause and the effort of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In fact, what kind
of giver is it? What kind of giver is it who God is really happy with? Well,
let's notice from our Bible in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7. I want you to listen to the
giver whom God is really, really excited about. The Bible says, Paul
speaking, “This I say, he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly. He
who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. So that each one give as he
purposes his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity, listen now, for God loves
a cheerful giver.”

You know, when we talk about giving to the cause of Christ, of course
the financial aspect of that no doubt applies. God has given so much to
each one of us. James 1:17, ‘every good and perfect gift comes’ from
where? ‘From the Father of Lights, with whom there is no shadow or
variation of turning.’ God has given us everything we have. How wonderful
it is that I can cheerfully, that I can, with happiness and a joy, give back to
God. The devil doesn’t want you to do that. He wants you to be stingy. He
wants you to say, ‘Man, it hurts to put this in. I wish I didn't have to do this. I
don't have enough money to do it.’ He wants you to have that attitude.
That's not the way God wants you to be. God loves a cheerful giver. When
we talk about giving to God, we're talking about on the local congregational
We also want to realize that giving to God isn't just about our
finances. Have you given to God more than ever before of yourself? 2
Corinthians 8:5 is a beautiful passage. Paul holds up the Macedonians as a
great example of cheerfulness, and going beyond what they could in giving,
and here's what he says about them. He says ‘they first gave themselves to
the Lord.’ Giving means that I first give myself to the Lord. 1 Corinthians,
6:19-20, our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in us, and we have
from God. You are not your own. You were bought at a price. Have I fully
given self to God? Here's what the Devil wants you to do. The Devil wants
you to be about 50 to 75% committed to God. He wants you to be about
halfway there, and about halfway in the world. He wants you to have a
commitment, but he really doesn't want you to be fully committed because
if he's not got you fully committed, he may have you right where he wants
you. Have you really given yourself to the Lord as you ought to?
I'll assure you there are so many benefits. There are so many
benefits to being a giving person. Jesus mentioned one in Acts 20:35. Paul
said, “And remember the words of our Lord Jesus where He said, ‘it's more
blessed to give than it is to receive.’” What makes you feel better? Does it
make you feel better to get a big present, or does it make you feel better to
give a present and to watch it light up somebody's life? To look at the good
that you can do with your gift will make you feel far more joy than ever
receiving any gift. If we want to make the Devil mad, not only do we want to

be more faithful than ever, we want to be better givers than we've ever
been before.
If I'm going to make the Devil mad, I want to be more evangelistic
than I've ever been before. The Devil wants you to be ashamed of the
Gospel, even though the Bible says, in Romans 1:16, ‘I'm not ashamed of
the Gospel of Christ.’ The Devil wants you to think to yourself, ‘my
neighbors don't want to hear the Gospel, my neighbors across the street, or
next door to me, they're not living right, and they're not acting right, and
they don't care to think about the Gospel.’ Jesus said, ‘Go, take the
Gospel,’ Matthew 28:18-20. The Devil wants you to say to yourself, ‘they
won't like me if I go to people and I talk to them about Jesus. They won't
like me, and they won't be my friend.’ Jesus tells us the best thing you can
do for somebody is take them the Gospel. ‘You're my friend if you do,’
Jesus said, ‘whatever I command you.’ Christians, we need to be more
evangelistic than we've ever been before.
You know what one of the big problems that we face today is? We've
given in to the world. We've given in to society. We've given in to the Devil
because they didn't want us to say anything. If Christians stood up with one
voice on issues of morality, on issues of right and wrong, on injustices to
humanity and man, imagine the effect that would have on the world. Why
don't we do that? The Devil's done a good job. He's made us think, you're
afraid to do that. Somebody might persecute you. People won't like you.
They won't want to be your friends. They'll think you're being mean, or
unkind. Christians need to be more vocal, and more evangelistic than
we've ever been before. ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel under
every creature,’ Mark 6:15-16. As it relates to salvation, and teaching the
good news of Jesus, friend, we ought to feel an indebtedness to do that.
Because of all God's done for me, I want somebody to know about the
Imagine if you could cure some dreaded disease today. You just
imagine this scenario with me. Imagine that somehow or someway you'd
found the cure to heart disease. You'd found the cure where people would
never have a heart attack again. What would you do with that? Would you

put it in your back pocket and hide it? Would you sit on it? Would you put it
in the back drawer, keep it real quiet? No, you'd tell everybody you could
about that. You'd be at the heart hospital. You'd be trying to find everybody
who was struggling with heart disease. You'd tell your neighbor in the store.
You'd tell your friends. You'd shout it from the rooftop. You'd want
everybody in the world to know that. How much more the power of the
Gospel, which doesn't save people's physical life, but saves their soul! The
Gospel is God's power to save. We have that, we know it, it's right here in
the revealed Word of God. The Devil wants you to feel ashamed, and
afraid, and be timid about that. And yet, we ought to feel a certain amount
of indebtedness to preach the Gospel to the lost.
Friend, if I'm going to make the Devil mad, here's one thing you can
surely do. The Devil doesn't want you to talk to God. He doesn't want you
to read God's Word. He doesn't want God talking to you, but the Devil also
doesn't want you talking to God. If I want to make the Devil mad, I need to
pray more than I've ever prayed before. The Bible says, in 1 Peter 5:7 ‘cast
all your cares upon Him, He cares for you.’ Jesus said, ‘men ought to pray
always, and never lose heart,’ Luke 18:1. ‘The effect of fervent prayer of a
righteous man overcomes much.’ The prayer has powerful results.
Hebrews 4:16, God says, ‘come boldly to the throne of grace that we might
find grace and mercy to help in time of need.’ Now, here's what the Devil
wants you to think. Devil wants you to say, ‘God doesn’t care about little
ole' me,’ and yet, the Bible says, ‘God cares for you,’ 1 Peter 5:7.The Devil
wants you to say, ‘God's got too many other problems to worry about mine.’
God says,’ let me help you with those.’ Philippians 4:6-8, bring all our
anxieties and cares to God. The Devil wants you to think God won't hear
anyway, and yet, the Bible says, God knows what we need even before we
ask it. The Devil wants you to say, ‘I'm just not worthy.’ Although none of
us, because of our sin, can claim worthiness of ourself, God loved you so
much he sent his son to die for you. God wants you to pray to him. The
Devil wants you to think it won't do any good. Bible says “Cast all your
cares upon him. He cares for you.” Listen to Hebrews 4:16. God says, “Let
us come boldly to the throne of grace that we might find grace and mercy to
help in time of need.” If you could approach the very throne of God and

obtain help, would you do it? Friend, that's what prayer does. Prayer takes
us to the throne of God where we can find help to deal with the troubles in
this life.
The Devil is going to do everything he can to discourage us. He's
going to do everything he can to distract us. He's going to let the world get
in the way; keep us so busy, and so active, that we just don't have time to
pray. Yet, friend, you can't afford to let prayer slip in your life. If I want to
make the Devil mad, I'll assure you approaching the throne of God in
humility of spirit and prayer, asking for his help, seeking his favor, asking
forgiveness of sin, dealing with the issues of life, oh, the Devil isn't going to
like that at all.
And then, we mention a final thing. If a person wants to make the
Devil mad, you need to obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When a person's
in sin, the Devils' just so excited. That person is a child of his. He's living
like the Devil wants. He don't have to spend much time, and effort, and
energy, and he's got his hooks in him, and his claws in him, right where he
wants him to be. He's in his trap, and he doesn't have to do anything with
that fella. What about when somebody hears the preaching of the Gospel?
Uh, oh, Devil listens up. What's going on over here? Somebody decides to
submit their life to God, I'll assure you, and nothing makes the Devil angrier
than for a person to give their life to Almighty God. 2 Corinthians 6 teaches
us about the urgency of that. The Bible says ‘today is the accepted day.’
Now, is the day of salvation. The Devil wants you to think you've got all the
time in the world. Not so.
Now's the accepted time. Today is the day of salvation. Devil says to
you, ‘put that off, and do it tomorrow. You've got all these other things you
need to do.’ Today is the day of salvation. Now is the accepted time. Isaiah
55:6, God says, ‘my ways are not your ways, that my thoughts are not your
thoughts, as the Heavens are high above the earth, so great are my ways,
greater than yours.’ We want to think about obedience to the Gospel, and
really submitting our lives to God. Paul would say, Romans 6:17, ‘God be
thanked, that though you were the slaves of sin, yet you obey from the
heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered.’ You see, here's

what it's like before a person obeys the Gospel: He's trapped, he's
enslaved, and he's ensnared by the Devil. The Devil has laid that trap, that
trap is sin. That trap has caught all humanity at one time, all men have
sinned, and yet, when you obey the Gospel, you've been freed from that
trap. The door's been opened. The trap's been loose. You've been set free.
You can now live to serve God in every way. I'll assure you the Devil
doesn't want you to do that in your life, and, yet that's exactly what God
wants you to do.
And so friend, we want to ask you today, have you obeyed the
Gospel? Are you a Christian? If you're attentive to what God's Word says,
and if your heart is really where it needs to be, and you want to know what
God says to do to be saved, I'll assure you, the Devil is already starting to
get a little upset. He doesn't want you to obey the Gospel, but that's the
very thing God wants you to do.
The God of Heaven loves you and wants you to be saved. ‘God
wants all men to be saved, and come to a knowledge the truth,’ 1 Timothy
2:4. Maybe you're saying to yourself, ‘well, what do I need to do to be
saved?’ To be saved, you must believe Jesus is the Son of God. John 8:24,
Jesus said, ‘unless you believe that I'm He, you'll surely die in your sin.’
The Devil doesn’t want you to believe it. He's going to try to give 1,001
reasons to convince you that Jesus is not the Son of God. But friend, when
you look at the Bible and you examine the evidence, there's no getting
around the fact that Jesus is divine, that He is God's Son.
Do you believe that? If so, do you believe it enough to make a
commitment to change your life, turn from sin, and turn to God? Paul said
in Marseille in Acts 17, ‘God now commands all men everywhere to repent.’
Why? ‘He's appointing the day in which He'll judge the world in
righteousness.’ There's a judgment day coming, and I need, before that
day, to repent and get it right. Are you willing to turn from sin, and turn to
God? Would you acknowledge to the glory of God that Jesus is God's Son?
Romans 10:10 says, ‘with the heart, one believes in the righteousness, and
with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.’

Friend, would you, to become a Christian, be baptized in water to
contact the blood of Jesus? On that first Gospel sermon when Peter stood
up for the very first time to preach the Gospel, they were pricked in their
heart. No doubt the Devil didn't want that to happen. They were pricked in
their heart, they cried out, men and brethren, what shall we do. And here
was the answer. Peter said, “repent, and be baptized, every one of you, in
the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins, and you shall receive
the gift of the Holy Spirit.”
We hope and pray today that as you think about this lesson, how to
make the Devil mad, that you will get your life right, in harmony with the will
of God, that you'll live faithfully to him unto death, and I'll assure you, that
will definitely not make the Devil happy.

Study Questions for: “Great Bible Lessons: Lesson 10”

1. According to Revelation 2:10, how long should we be faithful?

2. According to Galatians 2:20, how did Paul view his life?

3. How should we live according to Romans 12:1-2?

4. According to 1 Corinthians 15:58, what should we be steadfast in?

5. According to Mark 10:45, why did the son of man come?

6. What does Galatians 6:10 command us to do?

7. How should we worship according to John 4:24?

8. What should we do daily according to Hebrews 3:12-13?

9. What does Jesus say about giving according to Luke 6:38?

10. What does James 1:17 tell us?

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