ISLAM-04 - Integrity of the Qur'an

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The psalmist said in Psalm 119:160, “The entirety of your word is
truth and every one of your righteous judgments endures forever.”
Christians believe and teach that the Bible is absolute truth. It is a
book of integrity. It has and will be proven time and time again to be from
God and without error.
Can the same be said of the Quran? Is the Koran a holy book or is it
just a book that is full of holes? Is it from God or is it the messages the
made up prophecies of Mohammed?
Today we want examine the integrity of the Quran and look inside it in
see if it really is from Allah. The word integrity means a state of being
whole. It's entire and undiminished. It's sound. It's of perfect condition. Is
the Quran complete? Is it undiminished as a book from God? Today we
want to examine that evidence found in the Koran itself and compare it with
history and compare it with the traditions of Islam and see if it is really a
trustworthy book.
One of the major proofs we know that the Quran is not from God is
the Quran has names and people in it before they even existed. For
example in one passage in the Quran, Samaritans are mentioned before
they even existed in history. The Quran says in chapter 20 verses 85
through 88 and in verse 95, ‘he,’ God said, ‘we have tempted the people
since thou didst leave them the Samaritan has led them into error,’ talking
about when Moses went up to get the tablets and they made a golden calf.
The Koran says the Samaritan led them to error and that Moses returned

we cast them gold ornaments as the Samaritan also threw them into the
fire. Then he brought out for them a calf a mere body that loaded and they
said, this is your God and the God of Moses said and you Samaritan what
was your business?’ Now instead of Aaron doing this, in the Quran you
have a Samaritan tempting the people to make a golden calf. What's the
problem with that? Here's the main problem, how can a Samaritan have led
the Israelites astray at the time of Moses approximately 14 BC, when the
city of Samaria wasn't even founded until 1870 BC by King Omri? The
Samaritans didn't exist until after the exile of the northern kingdom of Israel
and the resettlement of God's people under King Sargon II in 722 BC.
When non Israelites adopted a mixture between the religion the Jews and
the polytheistic background, the Samaritans didn't exist until 530 years
after Moses. Friend this mistake alone proves that the Quran is not
rendered as reliable. It's certainly not inerrant work of God. It is like the
book of Mormon that has Christ and Christians years before that existed.
Today we see that Samaritans existed 530 years before they came into
place? It just doesn't line up with history and good common sense. It shows
us the Koran is not from God.
Another proof of the fact that the Koran is not from God deals with the
number of planets that God allegedly created. How many planets? Well
Joseph saw evidently in the Quran in a dream 11 planets. Now does this
mean that according to the Koran there are 11 planets in our solar system?
The Quran says in chapter 12 verse 4, ‘When Joseph said unto his father
‘O my father lo I saw in a dream 11 planets and the sun and moon. I saw
them prostrating themselves unto me.’ Are there 11 planets? No, that's just
not true. It is not accurate. God doesn't give prophecies that don't align with
that which is accurate. The number of planets is wrong.
Here's another glaring error in the Koran. The Koran errs in the
adoption of Moses. The Koran says in the adoption of Moses that it was by
Pharaoh’s wife. Chapter 28 verse 9, now this story contradicts history and
the biblical Exodus 2:10 which states it was actually Pharaoh's daughter
who adopted Moses. It's important to note here that had Pharaoh's wife
adopted Moses, consequently he would've been in line to be Pharaoh
himself. And thus, this fact alone makes the Koran rather incredulous. It's
not something I can put credit in. And so was it Pharaoh's wife? Was it his
daughter? The Bible and history goes on to show it was Pharaoh's
daughter, not his wife. But in chapter 28 verse 9 of the Quran, the Quran
again gets it wrong. It is not true with what we know as the facts. When I

think of the Quran chapter 28 verse 9, it says, ‘And the wife of Pharaoh
said he will be,’ that is Moses, ‘a comfort of the eyes for me and for you do
not kill him perhaps he may benefit us or we may adopt him as a son and
they perceived not.’ Again Exodus 2:10, ‘The child grew. She brought him
to Pharaoh's daughter, and he became her son. So he called his name
Moses, because I drew him out of the water.’ You have the Koran saying it
was Pharaoh's wife and you have the Bible saying it was Pharaoh's
daughter. It is again another glaring error that we see.
There is also a problem in the Koran concerning some of the names
that it mentions. According to Koran, no one is ever bore the name of Yaya
before John the Baptist. Chapter 19 verse 7 the Koran says this, ‘He was
told O Zechariah indeed we give you good tidings of life whose name will
be John Yaya in the Hebrew. We have not assigned to any before this
name.’ And so the Koran says the name John, the Hebrew name has never
been given to anybody ever before in history. Wait a minute! Let's see if
that's really true. The Bible says in 2 Kings 25:23 that this name was
actually given before. It was a well-known name hundreds of years before
the writing of the Koran. Listen to these words 2 Kings 25:23, “Now in all
the captains of the armies, they and their men heard that the king of
Babylon had made Gadahlia governor. They came to Gadahlia at Mizpah,
Ishmael the son of Nathan I and John on the son of caresh,” that name in
the Hebrew is the word John. Now even if someone says ‘well I don't know

that I except the Bible is true either,’ here's the fact you have to deal with-
Mohammed said nobody in history has ever had the name John.

Historically the Bible has that name hundreds of years before Mohammed
said that it never existed. So what do I know? Mohammed wasn't correct
that proves that he is not a prophet of Almighty God and that the Quran is
not true.
There's also a very interesting story in the Koran about Haman.
Haman in the book of Esther was the one who made the gallows for
Mordecai to be hanged on, and actually those gallows were used to hang
Haman. The Koran has it all mixed up about Haman. In fact Israelite history
will show what the Bible says is true. What does the Koran say? In the
Quran, Haman is actually referred to as a servant of Pharaoh who built a
high tower to ascend up to the God of Moses. The battle towers which what
this sounds like and of course that occurs 750 years earlier in Genesis 11.
The name Haman is correctly found in the story of Esther and Babylon
1100 years after Pharaoh. And so here we've got Haman somehow

Mohammed gets Haman mixed up with the building of the Tower of Babel
which was 750 years earlier. Then the events in Esther hundred 1100
years after Pharaoh, and so a big mistake in the combining of these. Often
times people like Joseph Smith who allegedly wrote the book of Mormon,
people like Mohammed had been reading the Bible, and they'll take those
stories and they mesh them all up and make big mistakes in so doing as
we see here.
When we think about the Koran, one of the most interesting and
really absurd passages that you find in the Koran has to deal with King
Solomon. The Koran says in chapter 27 verse 16 that Solomon was
actually taught by God the speech of birds and the speech of ants. Now
you heard correctly. God told Solomon to speak bird and to speak ant.
Listen to this, ‘In his battles he used Solomon used words extensively,’
supposedly by the Koran, ‘to drop clay bricks on Ava's Army. He marched
them in military parades. He also uses them use ants and birds to bring
messages to powerful queens.’ Here’s what it says in the Koran chapter 27
verses 18 and 19 records this, ‘until when they came upon the Valley of the
ants, an ant ‘all ants into your dwellings that you not be crushed by
Solomon and his soldiers while they perceived not’ so Solomon smiled
amused that their speech and said ‘my Lord enable me to be grateful for
your favor which you have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to
do righteousness of which you approved and admitted me by your mercy
into the ranks of your righteous servants.’ Here he is talking to ants, and he
supposedly understands them. He smiled back at them and knows what
they speak. How absurd is that! Solomon also learned to speak bird.
Chapter 27 verse 16 in the Quran, ‘and Solomon inherited David and he
said people we have been taught the language of birds. We've been given
from all things and deed this is evident bounty.’ In the Koran Solomon is
speaking to ants and birds. That doesn't need a whole lot of explanation to
see how absurd it is!
Another very interesting passage in the Quran that shows it's not
from God is a passage concerning certain youths and a dog that slept for a
number of years with their eyes open. In chapter 18 verses 9 through 25,
we are told of a story of some young people and a dog who slept in a cave
for 309 years with their eyes open and their ears closed. How absurd!
Things like that don't even add up to good sense.

You have heard of the planet of the apes. Did you know the planet of
the apes has some of its background in the Quran? In the Koran chapter 2
verses 65 and 66 and in chapter 7 verse 163 through 167 in the story Allah
turns to certain fishing people who are breaking the Sabbath, and he turns
these people because of their disobedience he actually turns them into
apes. It's very interesting to hear what is actually said in chapter 2 verses
65 and 66. The Koran Allah allegedly says, ‘Indeed you know those among
you who transgress in the matter of the Sabbath we said to them be
monkeys you despised and rejected. And we made it a deterrent
punishment for those who are present and those who succeeded and a
lesson for those who fear Allah.’ And so, how is God going to get people to
obey him? What does God do? Well in the Quran to as a deterrent to sin
God says and he shows it to certain people ‘you break my Sabbath and I'll
turn you into a monkey.’ Friend would you just stop and think about the
absurdity of these things! How ridiculous! How absurd! This is made up by
men and not by God himself.
Where did Mohammed come up with all this? After looking at some of
these far-fetched stories, you have to wonder where in the world did
Mohammed get these ideas? Like Joseph Smith, Mohammed was actually
a great plagiarist. He was taking various fables, various writings of his day
from history, something from the Bible, some from Jewish sources, and he
was plagiarizing and mixing that up into his own message. In fact much of
what Mohammed taught or said came from other apocryphal books that are
Jewish apocryphal writings of his day. Books not from God, but books the
people of his day were often reading.
Now one of those interesting stories is a story found in the Koran
chapter 7 verse 171. In essence God is lifting up Mount Sinai and God's
actually holding Mount Sinai over the heads of the Jews as a threat to
squash them if they reject the law and the biblical account. How absurd!
The Koran says in chapter 7 verse 171, and mention when we raise the
mountain above them as it was a dark cloud, and they were certain that it
would that would fall upon them, Allah said take what we've given you with
determination and remember what is in it that you might fear Allah.’ These
messages are not really from Mohammed. Mohammed perpetrated them
as he was the one who wrote it. He convinced many people into believing
that, but this actual story of God holding Mount Sinai over the Jews didn't
come from Mohammed. This story comes from a second century
apocryphal Jewish book The Boat of Sarah. Mohammed often looked to

other accounts. This one concerns Jesus being born under a palm tree.
The palm tree occurs in the Quran in chapter 19 verses 22 through 26. We
read the story of Mary and the baby Jesus and the palm tree and the rivulet
at which fold below. It is not found in the Bible. It first appeared in
apocryphal fable in the second century known as the Lost Books of the
Bible that we have recorded today. The Quran states, ‘so she conceived
him Jesus and she retired with him to a remote place and the pains of
childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. She cried in her anguish O’
that I had died before this word that I've been a thing forgotten and out of
sight. A voice cried to her from beneath the palm tree, grieve not for your
Lord has provided a rivulet beneath the. Shake toward thyself the trunk of
the palm tree. It will let fall fresh, ripe dates upon you so eat and drink and
cool your eye.’ In the Koran we have this account of one of the events that
occurred allegedly during Jesus and Mary- the birth that she had of Jesus.
Now this again is not from the Koran, it's actually from the Lost Books
of the Bible in apocryphal writing. Notice the close connection, ‘Now on the
third day after Mary was worried in the desert by the heat, she asked
Joseph to rest for a little while under the shade of a palm tree. Then Mary
looking up and seeing its branches laden with fruit dates said I desire if it
were possible have some fruit. Just then the child Jesus looked up from
below with a cheerful smile and said to the palm tree send down some fruit.
Immediately the tree bent itself toward her and so they eat. Then Jesus
said oh palm tree arise be one of my father's trees in paradise but with thy
roots open a rivulet, a fountain, beneath and bring water flowing from the
fountain.’ Now here's the problem. This apocryphal account was available,
already in print, already known by people in the days of Mohammed. It was
written before Mohammed wrote in the Koran about this! Look at how close
they are! You can tell by reading that he didn’t make it up. He took what
was already available and plagiarized it. Is the Quran a trustworthy book?
No! Mohammed plagiarized many of the things that are in it!
There another story about the baby Jesus talking later in the same
chapter. Chapter 19 in the Koran in verses 29 through 33 we find that the
baby Jesus can actually talk. Nowhere in the gospel do we find this. There
is an account of Jesus disputing with the elders at the age of 12 when he is
in the temple, Luke chapter 12. Where did this story about the baby Jesus
being able to talk come from? Once again we need only turn to the
apocryphal writings of the second century. This time it's in Arabic
apocryphal writing from Egypt named as the first gospel of the infancy of

Jesus Christ. The story the Koran says in chapter 19 verses 29 through 23
‘but she pointed to the baby they said how can we talk to the one who was
a child in the cradle? He said I'm indeed a servant of Allah. He have given
me revelation and made me a prophet. He has made me blessed were
sobriety and has enjoined only prayer and charity as long as I live. He has
made me kind my mother and not overbearing or miserable so peace is on
me that I was born the day that I die in the day that I shall be raised up to
life again.’ Now in the First Gospel all the infancy of Jesus Christ, ‘Jesus
spake even when he was in the cradle. He said to his mother Mary, I am
Jesus the son of God the word which thou that's bring forth according to
the declaration of the angel.’ So you have got an account of it in the gospel
the infancy of Jesus Christ, and you have got account of it in the Quran.
This apocryphal writing already existed before the Quran. It shows
Mohammed was not a prophet of God. He was plagiarizing the works of
other men. He was tweaking the works just a little bit. He made it just a little
different and then inserting that into the Quran.
What do I know about the Koran? It is not a book of integrity. It has
errors and things in it that are not right. If God were to communicate His
word to mankind there would be three steps necessary to ensure man
received a perfect Revelation.
First, the recipient would need to be inspired. They would have to be
supernaturally guided in the reception of the message. His speech would
have to be errorless. If God is going to message me and you then the
person, the medium, he uses would have to be errorless. That's not
Mohammed. We've already seen in his life is chock full of errors. He did
things are not right with God and not right with the Quran. He actually at
one time was inspired by Satan.
Second, this errorless message would need to be recorded in a
written form that is impeccable, unaltered, and free from human errors.
Well is that the Quran? We've already seen that's not. It contains errors in
it. Some of the things were said in it have errors. It has in it stories that
were written way before the Quran itself.
Thirdly this original, inerrant word would need to be sufficiently
preserved and transmitted so that people everywhere could have access to
its unaltered message, allegedly the message of God. Well concerning the
Quran, there was no original autograph. It is nothing but memories that

people had. They took those memories and wrote them down and allegedly
the Quran came from that.
What can we know? We can know friend that the Quran is not a book
of integrity. It's not from God. Mohammed was not a prophet of God. He
said and did too many things that just don't line up. What can you know
Friend the good news is you can know this book is from God. You
can look at the eminent evidence. You can examine it critically. You can
look at its prophecies. You can look at the science found in it. You can
compare with history. You won't find the errors that you find in man-made
books. This is a book free of error.
Jesus said in John 17:17, “Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is
Friend are you sure today that you're right with God? Don’t put your
trust in men. Put your trust in Almighty God.
If you've never obeyed the gospel, friend we encourage you. Study
your Bible. Begin with an open and unbiased heart and go to the Bible and
see for yourself. It will hold up to scrutiny. Christians are not afraid to
encourage others to do that. The Bible tells us ‘prove all things. Hold fast
that which is good.’ Check for yourself. Search the Scriptures and see that
these things add up.
We encourage you to submit to the will of God found in the Bible.
Won’t you believe today that Jesus is the son of God? Jesus said in John
8:24, “Unless you believe that I'm he you'll surely die in your sins.”
Having believed in this message, would you then be willing to change
your life? The Bible says in Luke 13:3 “Unless you repent you will all
likewise perish.” Peter preached, “Repent and turn again that your sins may
be blotted out.” Would you turn from sin and turn to God?
Would you make the greatest confession ever? “I believe Jesus is the
Christ the son of the living God.” Matthew 10:32-33 Jesus said, “You won’t
confess me before men, neither will I confess you before my father who is
in heaven. But if you will confess me before men, I'll also confess you

before the Father in heaven.”
To contact the blood of Jesus, would you be immersed in water for
the forgiveness of sins? In Romans 6:2-4 we learn that we die with Christ
when we die to sin. We’re buried with Him in water into His death. We rise
out of that water in newness of life.
Have you contacted the blood of Jesus in the waters of baptism?
Jesus made it so simple. He said, “He that believes and is baptized will be
saved.” Jesus said, “Unless a man is born again, born of water and the
spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God,” Mark 16:16 and John 3:5.
We beg you today to check the Bible and study it for yourself. If it's
true, won't you obey the message of God?
Don't be duped into believing these false prophecies and false
messages of man. Put your trust in the will and the word of God which has
stood the test of time, will stand the test of time, and is the only hope for
salvation that man has. It's the gospel of Christ that can save.
We hope you'll get your life to just that.

Study Questions for: “Islam: Lesson 4”
1. What does Psalm 119:160 say about God’s word?

2. According to Exodus 2:10, who adopted Moses? What does the Koran
claim and why is it not true?

3. When telling of Haman in the book of Esther, how is the Koran incorrect?

4. Give 2 examples of Mohammed’s plagiarism of the stories in the book of

5. What are the 2 made up stories of the baby Jesus that are not in the

6. What does Jesus say is truth in John 17:17?

7. What must we do according to John 8:24?

8. According to Luke 13:3, to not perish what shall we do?

9. Why should we confess Jesus before men according to Matthew

10. According to Mark 16:16 and John 3:5, what must we do to enter the