ISLAM-02 - Mohammed: Prophet or Religious Imposter?

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The Scripture says “Test the spirits to see whether they are of God
for many false prophets have gone out into the world,” 1 John 4:1.
Welcome to our study of Islam. Today we’re going to be looking at
the prophet Mohammed.
Was Mohammed a prophet of God or a religious imposter? Islam
stands or falls on whether or not Mohammed was really a prophet of God.
Remember it is Mohammed who claimed that the angel Gabriel gave him
the Quran. It is Mohammed who claimed that God told him to go and
preach these lessons. Muslims across the world believe that Mohammed is
the greatest of all profits. Does the evidence from Islam itself support that
Mohammed is a prophet?
The sources in which we’re going be using today are the Quran itself.
The Saheeh Al-Bukhari, the Saheeh Muslim which are considered the most
reliable Hadeeth that is accurate recounts of Mohammed's life. Then we’ll
be looking at the Sunni Muslim scholar who’s the most well-known Shahad.
Then we will also use several other biographies, collections of various
Hadeeths, and then finally we will use a prominent historical scholar in
Islam al-Jabari.
As we examine the evidence today, we’re not using Christian or
Jewish sources. We’re using Muslim sources. We’re going to people they
trust, to their own alleged holy book, and to the accurate accounts of the
life of Mohammed – so that as we examine the evidence, we won’t look at it
in a bias way as a Christian or Jew looking at it, but rather as someone

who's examining their own documents
Now here's what God says. In Deuteronomy 18:20 God said, “But the
prophet who speaks a word presumptuously in my name which I have not
commanded him to speak, that prophet shall die.” In fact God goes on to
say, “you don't have to worry about his message, what he says if it doesn't
come to pass, don't let his message bother you. He's not a prophet of
We want to examine, did Mohammed's prophecies and messages
and is his life according to what he taught in the Quran? As we examine
these things, we also want to know what Mohammed himself said. In al
Jabari chapter 6 verse 111 Mohammed said, ‘I have fabricated things
against God which have imputed to him words which he has not spoken.
Now friend from the outset that raises some suspicion. ‘I fabricated
things.’ The word fabricated means lied. In some of their own sources
Mohammed at times will ‘Well I made that up. That may not have really
been what God said. Maybe Satan said that.’ That alone raises some
Let's think then about Mohammed's life. Let's think about what proofs
we could look at. There are really two strong proofs. We’re first recognized
to show that Mohammed is not really a prophet of God. I want you to
realize that one time Mohammed actually claims and admits he spoke in
the name of false God's.
The second proof as we think about Mohammed, he's also a false
prophet. He did not really live up to what he said. Can I know that
Mohammed spoke in the name of false gods? One of the most critical and
greatest proofs to show that Mohammed is not a prophet of the God of the
Bible is the satanic verses.
Now listen carefully, we learn about the Satanic verses not from
Christian or Jewish sources but from early Muslim writings. Accounts of the
satanic verses are given in a number of early sources including the Abuna
Shaykh and al Jabari. All these Muslim sources many of those whom we
really are not familiar with, as far as their names and how to give them
accurately, these sources admit the Satanic verses do exist.

Now as you think about these verses in Saheeh Al-Bukhari which is
the most trusted and recognize Hadeeth, the account of the life of
Mohammed, he gives an indirect confirmation himself of this event. Beyond
this certain verses of the Quran, chapter 17 and chapter 22 were revealed
in response to Mohammed's embarrassing lapse into polytheism. Their
most recognize hadeeth gives proof of it and Mohammed had to actually go
back and put some verses in the Quran to kind of gloss over the mistakes
that he made. These verses, the background of them is, when Mohammed
supposedly saw how his tribe turned their backs on him and was grieved to
see them shunning the message, he brought to them from God he longed
his soul that something would come to him. He wanted a message from
God which would reconcile this tribe. And so with love for his tribe and his
eagerness for their welfare, it would have delighted him if some of their
difficulty which they made for him could've been kind of smooth out or
glossed over. And thus, he debated within himself and desired that
something would really happen. And so out of a desire to reconcile these
tribes, these verses come. Recorded in al Jabari the verses say, ‘Have you
thought upon Allah and al Uzzah and Manatt the third and the other Satan
cast on his tongue because of his inner debate and what he desired to
bring to the people the words. These are the highflying cranes verily their
intercession is accepted with approval. The polytheists were delighted that
Mohammed had at last approved of their gods. To return this kindness they
prostrated themselves because of the reference to the gods which they
have heard as that there was some as there was no one in the mosque
who a believer, or unbeliever who do not prostrate himself.’
And so the background is this, Mohammed has been reconciled with
his tribe because he's earnestly wanting and really in a tear between the
two. He wants to be reconciled to his tribe, yet he wants these people to
receive the message of God. The only thing is his tribe is polytheists, and
thus what does Mohammed do to kind of gloss things over? He puts their
gods in, verses in the Quran. The birds, the highflying cranes, those were
gods of his tribe. And he says in the Quran, ‘it's okay for you to prostrate
yourself to these birds.’ Mohammed's friendly relations with the polytheists
however were short-lived or where he soon will learn that this verse, the
verses he just came up with, praising pagan idols came not from God but
from Satan. Saddened to recognize his treachery against Allah,
Mohammed lamented ‘I have fabricated things against God which have
imputed to him words which he has not spoken.’ Yet Gabriel went on
supposedly to comfort Mohammed, informing him that all prophets fall for

Satan's tricks from time to time.
I want you not only realize that this is not only confirmed by history,
not only confirmed by the hadeeths, their accurate trends accurate
collections of Mohammed's life- the Quran itself confirms that this
happened. In the Quran chapter 22 verse 55 listen to what it says. ‘And we
did not sin before you any possible or prophet but when he desired, that is
the Satan, made a suggestion respecting his desire but Allah annuls what
Satan cast then does Allah establish his communication as Allah is
knowing and wise.’ Basically Mohammed has to go back and correct this.
He says ‘no apostles or profits before, that one verse that I let in, Satan is
actually the author of that.’
I want you listen real carefully, at one point Satan inspired
Mohammed. That message from Satan actually worked its way into the
Quran and the Quran and Mohammed himself actually admit that he
fabricated things that God did not say. It's clear that the prophet of Islam on
at least one occasion delivered a message that did not come from God. It's
also clear that Mohammed on at least one occasion spoke in the name of
false God. Here's the question I would ask. The implication is very simple.
The Scriptures teach that a prophet who speaks something
presumptuously, he's not God's prophet.
Mohammed spoke presumptuously; therefore, he's not a prophet of
God. Failing to observe these limits- it's not permitted. God cannot allow
that. It's not right. Mohammed spoke on behalf of false gods; therefore, he's
not a prophet of God. Because Satan, he says, inspired him and he spoke
on behalf of Satan- whose prophet is he? Friend he is a prophet of the
devil. He is not a prophet of Almighty God.
Here's another implication. The Scriptures teach that a prophet
speaks something presumptuously is not God's prophet. Failing to observe
the limits of what is permitted or allowed teaches that one is presumptuous.
Think about this. Mohammed was actually inspired by Satan. What can I
know from that? He's not God's prophet.
Here's what I would ask. If at one time Mohammed said something
that was not true, then I can know he's not a prophet of God. And if at least
on one occasion Mohammed in the Quran was inspired by Satan, how
many other times? How do I know what is from God and wants from

Satan? How do I know what might be questionable? If he did it once, and if
it one time he spoke some that wasn't true, then you can cast all of it out. It
is proof positive Mohammed was not a prophet of God. He was a religious
imposter and his messages are not messages that the Christian has to
worry about.
How do we label Mohammed? Mohammed like many in the Old
Testament and like many in the days of Jesus is a false prophet. Jesus
warned us of these kinds of teachers. He said, “Beware of false prophets
who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous
wolves.” Mohammed fits that.
Now there are also four Muslim proves that Muslims will claim that
Mohammed is a prophet. We will examine these to show that even their
own proofs don't add up. They will claim that certain supernatural events
relative to his life point to him as a prophet or priest. They will say that
Mohammed's status as the illiterate creator of the Quran shows that he's
not a prophet. They will then allege that Mohammed's prophecies point to
his status as a prophet. We have already seen some of those weren’t true.
They will say Mohammed's miracles point to his status as a prophet.
They say there are certain supernatural events around his life.
Allegedly at three years old, two Angels took out Mohammed's heart
cleaned with ice water and put it back. A Christian monk saw a cloud
protecting Mohammed and marks on his body, and thus he said
Mohammed was a prophet. There is a monk in Mecca that affirmed his
status. Then of course they will say the Revelation of Gabriel at Koran at
Mount Hijra. What about these supernatural events? Who knows whether
they really happened or not? How do you really know if at the age of three
two Angels took out his heart and cleaned it with ice water? How do you
really know a monk saw this or these events occurred? All of this is so
suspect. There's nothing really that you can say definitely happened. There
is nothing to prove that he is a prophet of God.
What about his status as illiterate creator of the Quran? Muslims
claim that Mohammed was illiterate. If that's true, then the writing of the
Quran may have indeed been a great miracle. Was he really illiterate? The
proof text that we use is in the Quran. Chapter 7 verse 157 reads, ‘Those
who follow the apostle the unlettered prophet, whom they find mentioned in
their own Scriptures in the law and the gospel for he commands them what

is just and forbids them what is evil. He allows them as lawful what is good.’
They will say this word ‘unlettered’ actually means illiterate. The only
problem is there are multiple other meanings of this Arabic word. It could
be just simply Gentile prophet. It could mean prophet of the common
people. It could mean a prophet without Scripture. The last and least likely
is illiterate prophet. The evidence does not support Mohammed being
illiterate. In fact Mohammed we know was a great writer. The hadeeth of
the Ben Shahad alludes to this fact when he said ‘The prophet may Allah
bless him on Thursday thereupon he, Habas began to weep and say ‘Woe
be to this Thursday one of those the illness of the prophet may Allah bless
him became severe he said the prophet said bring an ink pot and
something paper a papyrus to write on.’ Listen now, ‘he said I shall write for
you a document that you will never be misguided.’
Wait a minute! I thought he was illiterate! Yet Mohammed himself
said, ‘I'm going to write you a great document’? Supernatural events don't
hold up. His illiterate status of the Quran does not hold up.
What about some of Mohammed's miracles? We will go back and talk
about his prophecies. But about his alleged miracles? Muslims claim that
Mohammed performed miracles and this is further proof that he is a
prophet of God. What are these miracles? In the Quran chapter 17 verses
90 through 94, ‘And they say we will by no means believe you until you
cause a fountain to gush forth the Earth for us or you should have a garden
of palms and grapes in the midst of which you should cause rivers to flow
forth gushing out or you should cause the heaven to come down upon us in
pieces as you think or bring Allah and angels face-to-face with us or you
should have a house of gold or you shall ascend to heaven or we will not
believe in you until you bring down a book which we may read. Saying
glory be to my Lord and I am but a mortal apostle and nothing prevented
the people from believing when the guidance came to them except they
said what has Allah raised up to be an immortal? To be an apostle?’
Here the people saying ‘Show us a miracle. Why don't you do a sign?
We will believe if you can actually do these things.’ In fact in the Quran
chapter 2 verse 118 Mohammed said they said, ‘Why does the sign not
come to us?’ Chapter 6 verse 38, ‘Why has no sign been sent down upon
him Mohammed from his Lord?’ Chapter 13 verse seven, ‘Why has a sign
not been sent down upon him from the Lord you are only they said a
warner.’ And so, what do we know about Mohammed's miracles? He just

didn't perform any. There's no account of it and recollection of it. The late
Sunni scholar Mohammed Hassad admitted in the message of the Quran
that he didn’t perform any miracles. ‘The highly elliptic sentence has a
fundamental bearing on the purple the Koran as in many places the Quran
stresses the fact,’ listen, ‘but the prophet Mohammed despite his being the
last and greatest of God's apostles,’ listen now, ‘was not empowered to
perform miracles.’ He just didn't perform miracles. It's just not in there that
he did.
And so we think about the Quran, we think about all the things that
are there and we ask was Mohammed really a prophet of God? Is he one
who truly lived by his own teaching? Let’s take just a moment to think about
Mohammed's teaching and some of the things that he taught. Let's see if
his life really adds up to that.
Concerning violence, you know the Bible says in Deuteronomy 18
that if a prophet doesn't say the right thing and live and do right, he's not a
prophet of God. What about Mohammed? What did he say concerning
violence? In the Koran chapter 5 in verse 28 Mohammed said, ‘even if you
stretch out your hand against me to kill me, I shall not stretch out my hand
against you to kill you. I fear Allah the Lord of the worlds.’ Did Mohammed
live up to that idea? Did he abstain from violence? Nott at all! Mohammed
is known to of murdered many people. Allah’s messenger said, ‘who is
willing to kill Kadeem Ashura who has hurt Allah and his apostle?’ And one
of Mohammed's messenger said, ‘I'll do it.’ And Mohammed said, ‘Go and
kill him.’ Over and over again you will find examples of multiple people that
Mohammed killed.
Now let's think about the number of wives that the Quran allows. In
the Quran chapter 4 verse 3 here's what it says, ‘If you fear,’ talking to the
people of Islam, ‘if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the
orphans, marry women of your choice, 2, 3, or 4 but if you fear that you
shall not be able to deal justly with them then only one or a captive that
your right hand possesses that will be more suitable to prevent you from
doing justice.’ And so besides the fact that God says you could deal with
two or three or four wisely, which I don't know any man that could do that
and keep himself right. Mohammed allowed them up to four, God
supposedly allowed them up to four women at one time. Did Mohammed
follow that? How many wives did Mohammed have? Mohammed had
multiple wives. The list goes on and on up to 11 various wives. I thought

God only said four? Mohammed had 11. Mohammed himself didn't even
keep what the Quran says concerning that.
Mohammed lived in many ways as a man who did not follow up to the
teaching and to all that he said. In fact I want to relate to you one of the
most disturbing stories about Mohammed. Friend I think this will stress to
you, of all the evidence we will give, from the satanic verses to his failure to
keep the Koran himself. I believe this is the strongest prove that
Mohammed was not a good, godly man.
Let me relate the story to you. The prophet, this is concerning the
marriage to his last wives, ‘The prophet engages me when I was a girl of
six years. We went to Medina and stay at the home of an individual.’ Then
she says, ’Then I got ill and my hair fell down. Later on my hair grew again
and my mother came to me while I was playing in the swing with some of
my girlfriends. She called me. I went to her not knowing what she wanted
me to do. She calls me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the
house.’ History further records she states, ‘I was breathless then, and when
my breathing became all right she took some water rub my face and head
with it then she took me in the house. There in the house, I saw some
women who said best wishes and Allah’s blessing and good luck. Then she
entrusted me to them and they prepared me for marriage. Unexpectedly
Allah’s apostle came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over
him. And at that time, I was a girl of nine years of age.’
Now I want you think about this for just a moment. Six years old- she
is engaged to Mohamed. At the age of nine years old- a nine year old girl
marries a 40+-year-old man. ‘Kadjar died three years before the prophet
departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years, and so he married
Aisha when she was a girl of six years age.’ Now listen to this, this is their
own and most trusted source says, ‘Mohammed consumed the marriage to
Aisha when she was nine years old.’ Further record reports ‘the prophet
married her when she was six years old. He consummated his marriage
when she was nine years old. And then she remained with him for nine
years.’ Again these are trusted sources. They don't even begin to deny this.
Stop and think about it. A 40 year old man becomes married to a
six-year-old girl. He consummates the marriage to her at nine years of age.
Friend we know what type of label to put on Mohammed. It's not profit. It's
pedophile. Mohammed by our standards today and no doubt by the

standards of God would be labeled as a pedophile. Think about what he did
to this little girl. Sahee Muslim records this, ‘Aisha reported that Allah’s
apostle married her when she was seven years old. And she was taken to
his house as a bride when she was nine.’ Now listen to this, ‘and her dolls
were with her. And when he died she was 18 years old.’
You just stop and think about this. You ask yourself, is this prophet of
God? Aisha this little seven-year-old girl is taken to be the wife of a
40+-year-old prophet. When he takes her as his wife he says, ‘oh you bring
your baby dolls with you.’
Friend I want you to think, is that someone who would be considered
as a prophet of God? Is that someone you like to follow his example?
Mohammed was not a prophet. The evidence doesn't add up. The satanic
verse that shows he was, at least at one time, inspired by Satan.
Supposedly God said about Mohammed in chapter 33 verse 21 of the
Koran, ‘surely in the messenger of God you have a good example.’ Friend I
ask you this, does a 50-year-old man consummating a marriage to a
nine-year-old girl appear to be a godly example for you to follow? It doesn't
to me. In fact it's proof positive along with all the other evidence that
Mohammed was not a prophet of God. He is not trustworthy. Time will not
allow us to show you the many things he said in the Koran and then did the
exact opposite in his life. Mohammed did not live up to what he taught. The
evidence shows that he was not right with Almighty God. He had many
things in his life which prove him not to be the right person.
Now let me just give you one other example. Concerning adultery
Mohammed’s the son Zylen had a wife by the name of Zyene. Mohammed
looked upon this woman, and he thought he'd like to have her. And yet
Muslim law permitted that to be the case. What often is the case when a
man wants something and he claims to be a prophet of God but his
messages go against it? Well as was the case with Joseph Smith, new
scripture seems to arrive! Here's what it said in the Quran chapter 33 verse
37 it says, ‘when you said to him whom Allah had shown favoring whom
you shown a favor keep your wife to yourself and be careful of your duty to
Allah and you consider it in your should that Allah will bring the life and you
feared men and Allah had a greater right that you should fear him. But
when Zyene had accomplished his want of her, we gave her to you his wife
so that there should be no difficulty for the believers in respect to the wives
of their adopted sons when they have accompanied their want of him and

Allah’s command shall be performed.’ What’s all that say? In the Koran it
said you can't marry your adopted son’s wife. Mohammed wanted to have
her, and so ‘boom’ out of heaven a new Revelation arrives. ‘It's okay for
Mohammed to have this when his adopted son is done with her.’ Friend is
that really the kind of message God would give? Absolutely not!
What can I know about Mohammed? He was not a trustworthy man.
He is one who told multiple lies. He did multiple things contrary to the
Koran itself.
But more importantly, these are the two main proofs. At one time he
was inspired by Satan. He fabricated things that God did not tell him to. He
had to go back and later correct it. If he did it once, how can I ever trust it?
And a 50-year-old man consummating a marriage to a nine-year-old girl?
That's not a prophet. That's a pedophile.
Do I need to be concerned about the message of the Koran?
Absolutely not! Mohammed was not a prophet of God, and therefore I don't
have to worry about his message.
I need to put my trust in God and the Bible

Study Questions for: “Islam: Lesson 2”
1. Why should the spirits be tested according to 1 John 4:1?

2. According to Deuteronomy 18:20, what does God say of a prophet
saying things He did not command?

3. What animal does God compare a false prophet to>

4. Is there any account or recollection of any miracles that Mohammed

5. Did Mohammed keep the commandments he taught?

6. What are at least 3 proofs that Mohammed is not a profit of God?