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Monthly Newsletter - September, 2019

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Welcome to the monthly newsletter for THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. We hope that you find our news, articles, and updates about the program encouraging and useful.

Featured Article

Why Do People Suffer?

Ben Bailey

Look around and you will see that we live in a world plagued by suffering.  The amount of people dying with such dreaded diseases as cancer, and AIDS is at an epidemic high.  Many people around the

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New church finder!

We have begun implementing a church finder page on our website in hopes that if you are looking for a home congregation or may be traveling, you can find one of our supporting congregations easily.

You can find this page here.


Memorials for August, 2019

Theron Davis

In memory of Theron Davis from William & Beverly Ramsey; Melissa & Ashlee Reep

Frances Garrison

In memory of Frances Garrison from Central church of Christ; Ken & Jozada Smith; William & Beverly Ramsey; Melissa & Ashlee Reep; Marsh & Katharine Goodson

Laura Madison

In memory of Laura Madison from Ken & Jozada Smith; William & Beverly Ramsey

Naomi Knox

In memory of Naomi Knox from Joey & Kristie Ferrell, Thomas & Helen Underwood

Wilburn West

In memory of Wilburn West from Central church of Christ; Joey & Kristie Ferrell, Eldie Ferrell, William & Beverly Ramsey, Ken & Jozada Smith, Ray & Charlotte Weddington, W.C. & Nelma Chilton

Williene "Potsie" Miller

In memory of Williene “Potsie” Miller from Beverly Ramsey

Barbara Stiles

In memory of Barbara Stiles from William & Beverly Ramsey; Melissa, Ashlee, Anthony & Katie Reep,; Joey & Kristie Ferrell; Helen Morgan; Jason, Gwen, & Emilia Ramsey

Thelma Ross

In memory of Thelma Ross from Red Hill church of Christ

Virginia Hammer

In memory of Virginia Hammer from Central church of Christ; Ken & Jozada Smith; William & Beverly Ramsey, Stan, Sherry, & Sarah Jacobs; Betty Walker; Doug & Dessa Reed, Landon & Sylvia Cantrell

Clarice Stover

In memory of Clarice Stover from Central church of Christ; Ken & Jozada Smith; Melissa & Ashlee Reep; William & Beverly Ramsey; Kay Ramsey

Ray (Don) Smith

In memory of Ray (Don) Smith from Helen Morgan; Kay Ramsey

Cooper Swims

In memory of Cooper Swims from Joey & Kristie Ferrell, William & Beverly Ramsey; Ken & Jozada Smith; Jason & Gwen Ramsey; Melissa & Ashlee Reep; Bill & Karleen Frazier; Helen Morgan; Percy & Carolyn Phifer; Tim & Sallie Alexander; Landon & Sylvia Cantrell

Jalesia Hansen

In memory of Jalesia Mayfield Hansen from Central church of Christ, William & Beverly Ramsey, Ken & Jozada Smith, Joey & Kristie Ferrell, Eldie Ferrell, Bill & Karleen Frazier, Melissa Reep, Brad, Sherry, & Darby Leimer; Percy & Carolyn Phifer; Doug & Dessa Reed; Randy & Vickie Griffith; Kay Ramsey

Alma Fariss

In memory of Alma Fariss from Central church of Christ, Ken & Jozada Smith, Melissa & Ashlee Reep, William & Beverly Ramsey, Steve & Jill Stubblefield, Joey & Kristie Ferrell, Bill & Karleen Frazier, Percy & Carolyn Phifer; Melba Bouldin; Kay Ramsey

David Smartt

In memory of David Smartt from Joey & Kristie Ferrell; Kay Ramsey

In Honor of for 2019

Visit our website at for a complete list of memorials or for a list of “In Honor” gifts.


New Broadcasts!

We have several new broadcasts to let you know about!

The following channels have been added or changed in certain markets. Watch for more to come soon!

Visit our website and Facebook page for more information.


In the Field and Around the World (wide-web)

Lot's of news!!! - From the Field and around the WWW...

Joey Ferrell

You may be wondering why the newsletter is so late this month?

Well, that is this guy’s fault! Yes, I will admit that I am the slow guy in getting my article and posts together for the month. But…bef

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New in Digital Downloads - Answering Denominational Docrtrines

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By the Numbers…

August 2019 Statistics

Total number of media requests -102
Digital Downloads - 247
DVDs mailed - 457
CDs mailed - 194
Number of states mailed media - 27
Number of countries mailed media - 10

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August 2019 Digital and Social Media Statistics

Here are the statistics from the web, our streaming avenues, and Social Media for July, 2019


Reach - 26,101
Likes - 2,622
Videos watched - 18,550


Subscribers - 1,881
Videos watched -

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