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Monthly Newsletter - March, 2019

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Welcome to the monthly newsletter for THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. We hope that you find our news, articles, and updates about the program encouraging and useful.

Featured Article

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Will The Lord Find Faith on Earth? 

Ben Bailey

When the Son of man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8).  This question Jesus asked arose from a discussion of persistence in prayer.   This question of the Lord is designed to provoke an evaluation of our faith.  The Apostle Paul said, “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith.  Test yourselves” (2 Cor. 13:5).  How can we make sure the Lord finds faith when he comes?  Let me offer a couple of things we can do to ensure faith.

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Memorials for February 2019

Eva Hildreth Inglish

In memory of Eva Inglish from Rickey & Gwen Hildreth

Eleanore Swoape

In memory of Eleanore Swoape from Central church of Christ

John Vaughn

In memory of John Vaughn from Central church of Christ

Christine Cantrell

In memory of Christine Cantrell from Central church of Christ, W.C. & Nelma Chilton, Ken & Jozada Smith, William & Beverly Ramsey, Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Reba Prater

In memory of Reba Prater from Central church of Christ, Ken & Jozada Smith, William & Beverly Ramsey, Ken & Barbara Campbell, Doug & Dessa Reed

In Honor of for February 2019

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From a viewer:

Quite impressed by the message I saw on TV. I rarely watch this type of programming and generally tune out very quickly. The reason is that I find most of what I see mired in either a constant plea for money or in what I consider to be a mistaken interpretation of Bible truth. What I saw this evening was different from the norm and much more in line with my own beliefs. Thank you. Please continue in this vein. God bless you.



In the Field and Around the World (wide-web)

"Looks Can Be Deceiving!" An article and update.

Joey Ferrell

As I sit in my office today catching up from the weekend, the monthly newsletter article was not getting written very quickly. Why? I was sitting here thinking about all of the things that I could be doing on such a beautiful sunny day. Procrastination. But, not only was procrastination working on me, deception was too!

What do I mean? In our area, we have a monthly ministers luncheon to have some fellowship and share news with each other about local congregations and events, etc. I stepped outside at about 11:45 to make my way to the 12:00 meeting and the sunshine immediately became an enemy! Let’s go back a few minutes before in order to understand why…

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New in Digital Downloads - Soul Saving Lessons

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By the Numbers…

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February 2019 Digital and Social Media Statistics

Here are the statistics from the web, our streaming avenues, and Social Media for February, 2019


Reach - 9,066
Likes - 2,205
Videos watched - 2,871


Subscribers - 1,781
Videos watched - 621


Visits - 3,477
Pages viewed - 9,742

Apps: (including Roku/AppleTV/Amazon/iOS/Google)

Monthly Downloads - 292
App Launches - 2.073
Videos viewed through apps - 854

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February 2019 Statistics

Total number of media requests - 110
Digital Downloads - 62
DVDs mailed - 464
CDs mailed - 306
Number of states mailed media - 32
Number of countries mailed media - 10