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Monthly Newsletter - February, 2019

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Welcome to the monthly newsletter for THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. We hope that you find our news, articles, and updates about the program encouraging and useful.

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Are You Ready for the Judgment Day?

Ben Bailey

The Bible clearly teaches that God has a day prepared when He will judge all men.  To the idolatrous people in Athens, Paul declared that God “…has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead" (Acts 17:30-31). For many people this will be the saddest day of their life. They did not prepare spend their life preparing for this day.  As a result, they will be lost (Matt. 25:1-10).  To others, this will be the most wonderful day of their life. They spent their life preparing for this day and were ready to go to Heaven (Matt. 25:23).  For The Day of Judgment to be a happy day for us we must understand the nature of this day.  Let us consider several biblical characteristics of The Judgment Day.

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Memorials for January 2019

Faye Knox

In memory of Faye Knox from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Ettie Smith

In memory of Ettie Smith from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Michael Alexander

In memory of Michael Alexander from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Mary Melton

In memory of Mary Melton from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Rex Spry

In memory of Rex Spry from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Wiley Reed

In memory of Wiley Reed from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Norman Elrod

In memory of Norman Elrod from Central church of Christ, Ken & Jozada Smith, William & Beverly Ramsey, Larry & Pattie Smith

Jean Rogers

In memory of Jean Rogers from Joey & Kristie Ferrell, Eldie Ferrell, Melissa Reep

Reba Prater

In memory of Reba Prater from Central church of Christ, Ken & Jozada Smith, William & Beverly Ramsey, Ken & Barbara Campbell, Doug & Dessa Reed

Jay Young

In memory of Jay Young from Central church of Christ, Ken & Jozada Smith, William & Beverly Ramsey

Jean Chisam

In memory of Jean Chisam from Red Hill church of Christ

Terry McCullough

In memory of Terry McCullough from Red Hill church of Christ

Doug Bullington

In memory of Doug Bullington from Central church of Christ, Ken & Jozada Smith, William & Beverly Ramsey, Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Vernie Mae Gray Smithson

In memory of Vernie Mae Gray Smithson from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Sue Green

In memory of Sue Green from Eldie Ferrell

Billy Talley

In memory of Billy Talley from Eldie Ferrell

Kaci Wilson

In memory of Kaci Wilson from Central church of Christ Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class, Ken & Jozada Smith

In Honor of for January 2019

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Wed, Jan 09

Important Broadcast Change - Dish Network

Effective January 31, 2019, the AngelOne Network will be discontinuing broadcast. This means that our program will no longer be broadcast on this channel on Dish Network. We are working to quickly find alternatives, and will keep our website and social media pages updated with any new information.

Remember, you can always catch us streaming on all devices!


In the Field and Around the World (wide-web)

Why are you changing things? I hate change! (We do too...sometimes)

Joey Ferrell

Change? Why are we changing? What changes are coming?

Well, you know, the old saying is “change is inevitable.” That holds true in most every case in our daily lives; however we need to remember that God’s Word never changes! Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever! (Hebrews 13:8). Not so much in the world of television and Media….

We were notified earlier this year that we would be losing our network portal of AngelOne on Dish Network. That caused a frenzy at our offices in the fact that we would be using about 10 million potential households. We had to change! Whether we wanted to or not, change was coming. After weeks of negotiations, discussions, seeking additional funding, we thought we had the replacement in place. We found out just this week that the network that had offered a slot decided that we were not a good fit for them. This notification caused us to begin the wheels rolling all over again…and unfortunately, we do not have a broadcast time set for February at this time for Dish Network. We will work diligently to secure a new portal there as quickly as we can.

In the meantime, we were able to make a few tweaks and changes to some of our other broadcast portals and we will have some exciting announcements coming soon for those as well.

Satan may have hindered us just a bit, but

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New in Digital Downloads - Soul Saving Lessons

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By the Numbers…

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January 2019 Statistics

Total number of media requests - 125
Digital Downloads - 93
DVDs mailed - 536
CDs mailed - 373
Number of states mailed media - 29
Number of countries mailed media - 11

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January 2019 Digital and Social Media Statistics

January 2019 Digital and Social Media Statistics

Here are the statistics from the web, our streaming avenues, and Social Media for December, 2018


Reach - 7,086
Likes - 2,174
Videos watched - 2,555


Subscribers - 1,762
Videos watched - 560


Visits - 3,804
Pages viewed - 9,772

Apps: (including Roku/AppleTV/Amazon/iOS/Google)

Monthly Downloads - 367
App Launches - 2,809
Videos viewed through apps - 1,192

Download our apps at or visit our social media sites by clicking an icon below