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Monthly Newsletter - April, 2019

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Welcome to the monthly newsletter for THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. We hope that you find our news, articles, and updates about the program encouraging and useful.

Featured Article

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What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Ben Bailey

The most important question ever asked is “What must I do to be saved?”  (Acts 16:30, 2:37).  Everyone who believes in God must ask this question at one time in his or her life.  Truly, no other source is better able to answer this question than the word of God, for it is able to save and sanctify the souls of men (James 1:21; Jn. 17:17, 8:32).  Therefore, what does the Bible teach one must do to be saved?

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New Broadcasts

You can now find us on Dish Network on Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. CST on

RenewTV Channels 94, 223, and 277

Nashville and Middle Tennessee can now find us on the CW network on channel 58 Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. CST

Texoma - We are now broadcasting on KTEN (NBC) on Sunday mornings at 6:30 a.m. CST

Please see our website or local listings for more broadcast information

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Memorials for March 2019

Robert Davenport

In memory of Robert Davenport from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Carl Spry

In memory of Carl Spry from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Charlene Ary

In memory of Charlene Ary from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Randy Rains

In memory of Randy Rains from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Betty Gilley

In memory of Betty Gilley from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Denise Reed

In memory of Denise Reed from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Clift Mankin

In memory of Clift Mankin from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Earlene Williams

In memory of Earlene Williams from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Dwight Pearsall

In memory of Dwight Pearsall from Central church of Christ, Ken & Jozada Smith, William & Beverly Ramsey

Marvin Rhea

In memory of Marvin Rhea from Central church of Christ, Ken & Jozada Smith, William & Beverly Ramsey

John Talley

In memory of John Talley from Eldie Ferrell

Shane Holland

In memory of Shane Holland from Gerald & Nancy Holland

Walter Jones

In memory of Walter Jones from Eldie Ferrell

Jim Parker

In memory of Jim Parker from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Jammie Parker

In memory of Jammie Parker from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Danny Powell

In memory of Danny Powell from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Kim Duggin

In memory of Kim Duggin from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Warren Reed

In memory of Warren Reed from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Marianne Brandon

In memory of Marianne Brandon from Joey & Kristie Ferrell, Eldie Ferrell, Glenda Eddings

In Honor of for March 2019

Visit our website at for a complete list of memorials or for a list of “In Honor” gifts.


From a viewer:

Quite impressed by the message I saw on TV. I rarely watch this type of programming and generally tune out very quickly. The reason is that I find most of what I see mired in either a constant plea for money or in what I consider to be a mistaken interpretation of Bible truth. What I saw this evening was different from the norm and much more in line with my own beliefs. Thank you. Please continue in this vein. God bless you.



In the Field and Around the World (wide-web)

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Spring has sprung and look at what seeds are flying around!

Joey Ferrell

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in my yard and seeing all of the bright and beautiful colors of the yard and ornamental trees in bloom. But wait just a minute…sometimes some of those blooms that are flying through the air aren’t as pretty as they may seem!

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New in Digital Downloads - Old Testament Studies

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By the Numbers…

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March 2019 Statistics

Total number of media requests - 140
Digital Downloads - 55
DVDs mailed - 592
CDs mailed - 284
Number of states mailed media - 32
Number of countries mailed media - 12

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March 2019 Digital and Social Media Statistics

Here are the statistics from the web, our streaming avenues, and Social Media for February, 2019


Reach - 6.658
Likes - 2,250
Videos watched - 2,715


Subscribers - 1,797
Videos watched - 620


Visits - 5,241
Pages viewed - 10,057

Apps: (including Roku/AppleTV/Amazon/iOS/Google)

Monthly Downloads - 295
App Launches - 1,521
Videos viewed through apps - 1051