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Monthly Newsletter - August, 2019

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Welcome to the monthly newsletter for THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. We hope that you find our news, articles, and updates about the program encouraging and useful.

Featured Article

The Blessing of Being a Christian

Ben Bailey

Being a Christian is the most blessed life one could ever live! Jesus said, “I came that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). What a true privilege it was to have

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New church finder!

We have begun implementing a church finder page on our website in hopes that if you are looking for a home congregation or may be traveling, you can find one of our supporting congregations easily.

You can find this page here.


Memorials for July, 2019

Virginia Hammer

In memory of Virginia Hammer from Central church of Christ; Ken & Jozada Smith; William & Beverly Ramsey

Clarice Stover

In memory of Clarice Stover from Central church of Christ; Ken & Jozada Smith; Melissa & Ashlee Reep; William & Beverly Ramsey

Ray (Don) Smith

In memory of Ray (Don) Smith from Helen Morgan

Bonnie Sliger

In memory of Bonnie Sliger from William & Beverly Ramsey, Ken & Jozada Smith; Steve & Jill Stubblefield

Estell Reed

In memory of Estell Reed from Joey & Kristie Ferrell

Martha Rogers

In memory of Martha Rogers from Virginia Rogers

Cooper Swims

In memory of Cooper Swims from Joey & Kristie Ferrell, William & Beverly Ramsey; Ken & Jozada Smith; Jason & Gwen Ramsey; Melissa & Ashlee Reep; Bill & Karleen Frazier; Helen Morgan; Percy & Carolyn Phifer

Jalesia Hansen

In memory of Jalesia Mayfield Hansen from Central church of Christ, William & Beverly Ramsey, Ken & Jozada Smith, Joey & Kristie Ferrell, Eldie Ferrell, Bill & Karleen Frazier, Melissa Reep, Brad, Sherri & Darby Leimer; Doug & Dessa Reed; Percy & Carolyn Phifer; Randy & Vickie Griffith

Faye Bouldin

In memory of Faye Bouldin from Melissa Reep; William & Beverly Ramsey, Central’s Tuesday Ladies Bible Class; Charles & Rodena Jarrett; Jimmy & Sharon Cope; Bybee Branch church of Christ; Helen Morgan; Jim Bandy

Louis Morgan

In memory of Louis Morgan from Helen Morgan, Faye Bouldin, Louise Brown, Melissa Reep, William & Beverly Ramsey, Mildred Gant, Harold & Darlene Murphy, Sandra Corso; Dewey Lee Stiles & Children; Jim Bandy

In Honor of for July, 2019

In Honor of Janice Mayfield from Gary & Donna Brewer

Visit our website at for a complete list of memorials or for a list of “In Honor” gifts.


New Broadcasts!

We are working on several new broadcasts coming soon!

We are pleased to announce the Baton Rouge area started on June 23. This broadcast is on CW21 in the Baton Rouge area and is brought to you by the Gonzales church of Christ in Gonzales, LA. You can visit their website at to find out more about the congregation there.

We have moved channels and times in Knoxville and Chicago! We are broadcasting on the CW network in Knoxville at 6:30 a.m. EST. We have moved to Saturday evenings at 7 p.m. CST in Chicago!

Want to see us on tv in your area? We are looking for congregations that would help us support the broadcasts in different cities around the United States.

We currently have offers in Chattanooga and Dothan, AL. We have had interest in Birmingham and currently researching that market as well. We hope to make more announcements very soon!


In the Field and Around the World (wide-web)

It's NOT God's fault! - News from the Field and around the World

Joey Ferrell

If you are like me, at least once or twice a year, you may be embattled with something that is overwhelming, or tragic happening in your life. It may be the loss of a loved one, or simply a bad day

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"I need to repent and be baptized TODAY!”

By the grace of God we were able to get this viewer in contact with a local minister. He was baptized and now a brother in Christ! To God be the glory!!


New in Digital Downloads - Answering Denominational Docrtrines

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By the Numbers…

July 2019 Statistics

Total number of media requests - 126
Digital Downloads - 120
DVDs mailed - 468
CDs mailed - 331
Number of states mailed media - 32
Number of countries mailed media - 12

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July 2019 Digital and Social Media Statistics

Here are the statistics from the web, our streaming avenues, and Social Media for July, 2019


Reach - 10,884
Likes - 2,441
Videos watched - 1,956


Subscribers - 1,856
Videos watched - 10,88

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